Chapter 35-New Year, New Pain

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Sully ;D

Chapter 35

New Year, New Pain

Sullivan’s POV

“O-oh god, that feels really good.” I groan making him chuckle while kissing my shoulder blade softly.

“Let me get you cleaned up.” He says while climbing off the bed.

I yawn loudly while watching his naked body walk into the bathroom. My eyes snap down his tight ass and his flexing back muscles. I smirk but wince at the angry red lines all over his back knowing that I did that. A frown covers my face as tears gather in my eyes. I didn’t mean to do that, I never meant to hurt him. Oh god, I hurt him.

“Baby, calm down and tell me what's wrong.” He says suddenly making me look up at his worried face.

“Y-your back, Rowan I never meant to mark your back or anywhere. I'm so sorry.” I say and he pulls me onto his lap gently as a sob breaks out.

“Baby, don’t cry. I don’t mind, actually I love it. They’re a reminder that I gave it to you so good that you had your nails digging into my back.” He says smugly as I bury my face into his neck.

“I’m sorry.” I whisper and he tsks softly while standing up.

“You have nothing to apologize for baby.” He says while walking into the bathroom.

I peek over his shoulder and see him pouring bath oil into the filling tub before stepping in. He carefully sits down and I hiss before moaning as the warm water touches my over sensitive ass. Rowan rubs circles into my lower back as I rest my head on his shoulder with a small yawn. Looking at his chest I see little nails marks there as well making me blush. When I feel his dick stirring under me I swallow a moan and try to move but pain shoots through my lower body making me groan. Rowan rubs my back while kissing my head and whispering words of praise that makes me smile proudly.

“You were amazing tonight baby. I'm not only talking about the love making even though you were perfect. I've never imagined feeling that way with someone. I know now that sex is an empty action if you don’t TRULY love the person you’re doing the act with. Thank you for showing me the true meaning of making love baby.” He says sincerely making me smile and kiss him softly.

“What else was I amazing at tonight?” I ask wanting to know what he liked the most so I can do it again.

“You were amazingly brave at the club tonight. Honestly you never cease to surprise me baby. I didn’t think you would go off with Lane so quickly, I didn’t think you would wear the clothes and I didn’t think you would put on a little show for me. I know others were watching but I also know that dance was just for me.” He says while kissing my neck softly as I smile. 

“Lane gave me some advice tonight. I wanted to make you proud.” I say and he looks up at me seriously.

“I'm always proud of you. What made me the most proud is when you punched me.” He says making me frown in confusion.

“Why would you be proud that I hit you?” I ask while slowly caressing his slightly black eye.

“It showed me how strong you really are. I already knew you were strong with all you’ve been through but that hit and this black eye. It told me that you weren’t going to let anyone, even me, hurt you ever again and for that I'm so fucking happy and proud. You’ve come a long way baby and you should be proud as well.” He explains and I look down at our bodies that are pressed together.

“I don’t really see it like that. Whenever I'm with you or even think of you I just feel with sense of power, like nothing can hurt me.” I say and he tilts my head up before kissing me softly.

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