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Okay! For this Poll, I still don't know what hero title to give Crona (or Y/N) so I'm going to leave some suggestions left by people on chapter 4.

Feel free to vote and/or Suggest a title as I'll update this poll as much as I can with new suggestions.


1. The Black Dragon Hunter.

2. The Gorgon Hunter.

3. Tamashi Göjā (OYa-) (Soul Gorger)

4. The Black Swordsman

5. The mad prince

6. The mad lad

7. The Black Blooded

8. The Sword man of Darkness

9. The Demon Swordsman


Please comment some here!

Anyway, the poll will end in 24 hours after I post chapter 12 or 13? So you'll have a while to get votes/Suggestions in.

Anyway, Love y'all and stay safe! ❤❤❤

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