Chapter 20: Snoggletog

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That night Hiccup had planned everything out. He was going to follow his father's footsteps and propose on Snoggletog, as well as it being at the cove. He spent the night preparing a romantic setting at the cove, including candles, streamers and nice furs to sit on. He was also going to sing For the Dancing and the Dreaming, just like his father.

Reading the letter mentally readied him. After all of the preparations, he fell asleep, holding the ring tightly in his hand.

When he woke, his first thoughts were, 'today is the day.' He stood, dressed, woke Toothless up and headed downstairs within a few minutes.

"You're up early." Valka said, standing in front of the cooking pot, mixing who knows what in it.

"Today is the day." He said.

Valka stopped and looked at him. "As in your..."

"Going to propose...yes." He said with a smile.

Valkas lips formed a smile as well. She walked over and engulfed him in a hug. "Good luck sweetie." She said, placing a kiss on his cheek.

"Thanks mom. I'm going to do exactly what dad did."

Valka placed her hand on his cheek. "He would be so proud of you."

Hiccup nuzzled into her hand after placing his over it. "No, he is proud. I'm sure of it."

Valka nodded and went back to her cooking.

"Astrid and Finn should be here at anytime." She commented.

As if on queue, there was a knock at the door.

"I got it." Hiccup said as he opened it.

"Happy Snoggletog!" Astrid and Finn said together.

Hiccup smiled and hugged them both, then placed a kiss on Astrids cheek. "Happy Snoggletog."

"Happy Snoggletog!" Valka yelled from the living room.

"Are you cooking? I can help if you need." Finn said, walking over to her.

"Oh boy." Hiccup stated.

He grabbed ahold of Astrids waist and led her inside.

"Those two cooking is going to be a disaster." She said.

Hiccup nodded and pulled her over to the couch. He sat on the end and Astrid sat next to him, curling her legs up and leaning on his shoulder. Her arms wrapped around his waist as she placed a kiss on his jaw.

"How are you?" She asked.

"I'm good. How are you?"

She smiled. "I'm good too."

"Did you help out Snotlout?" Hiccup asked, brushing her bangs out of her face.

She took a deep breath, raising her shoulders greatly. "Yeah, i did. And it worked."

"What do you mean?"

Astrid looked up into his emerald eyes. "He wanted to ask Heather to be his date for Snoggletog."

"And she said yes?!" He exclaimed.

Astrid nodded, "Apparently she is falling for him."

Hiccup hugged her close. "There is lots of love in there air...Eret and Ruff are together as well."

Astrid looked back up at him. "Really? Tis the season."

They chuckled and the snuggled together. Seeing this, Valka pulled Toothless, who was curled up by the fire, over and handed him something. He took it happily in his mouth and wandered over to the couple, already knowing what to do with it. He hopped up behind them and held it over their heads.

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