Chapter 8: Draco, In the Train. Draco Under The Rain

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Chapter 8: Draco, In the Train. Draco Under The Rain

As they stuffed the last bits of their luggage to their cars, courtesy of the Ministry of Magic, they were off to the train station. Harley was reading a book from Hermione's book box when when she had a paper cut. She tried not to yelp in pain from the some-what deep cut. "Come here dear, I'll fix it up," Molly said as she held Harley's index finger. Molly took out her wand and tapped it gently on the cut. Her wound stung a little but soon, it was neatly wrapped with a small bandage. "Thank you, Mrs. Weasely," Harley said. 

"Now, sweetie, all you have to do is run straight, okay?" Molly instructed Harley. "Okay," Harley answered. Fred went first, next went George, Percy was already there, Ginny, Hermione, Ron, the only 2 left were Harry and Harley. "Just follow after me," Harry assured his sister, who looked skeptical.  

Harley ran until she was able to open her eyes and see a big Hogwarts Express train. Harley gaped. "Come on," Harry chuckled at his sister's amazement as he pulled her inside. 

As Harley entered, she bumped into a boy who had white blonde like hair. "So this must be the other Potter," the boy said, looking down at the fallen Harley. "Back off, Malfoy," Harry warned as he helped his sister up. "No good Potters," they heard Malfoy said as he went into one of the empty stalls, followed by Crabe and Goyle. The twins entered in a stall which Hermione, Ron and Ginny were in as well. 

"Who was that?" Harley asked as they sat down. "Draco Malfoy," Ron said, not bothering to hide the disgust in his voice. "Draco? What kind of name is that?" Harley never heard such a strange name. She sat down before her trunk, and took out a shoe box sized wooden chest which was Hermione's birthday gift for her. "The kind Malfoys use," Ron snorted. Harley nodded sightly as the train was now leaving the station. Harley quickly got the hint that this Draco Malfoy character was well loathed in the group. She opened the lid and 2 buttons from the inside of the lid appeared: MUGGLES and MAGIC. Harley pressed the Magc button ans multiple buttons appeared bellow MAGIC. Harley pressed the button SPELLS and coloumns of 1 inch books appeared in alphabetical order. There were also two buttons on the left and right side of the upper lid o move from one "shelf" to another. "A.....B......C......D......E......F....." she said to herself silently as she pressed he button on the right. "P," she finally arrived at her wanted "shelf". She traced her index finger over the books' spines and their titles. A piece of magic parchment also appeared at the inner lid of the box which changed texts to the different titles of books her index finger was touching. Her fingers stopped at a blue spined book. She looked at the parchment to see the title: Pranks, Simple, Effective, Revengeful by: Prankier Kindelmun. Harley picked up the minuscule sized book and placed it at the palm of her right hand. The book suddenly unfolded itself to its full size. Ginny scooted nest to Harley as she started leafing through the pages. "What do you think could be a good first day revenge for Mr. Malfoy?" Harley whispered to Ginny with a grin. Ginny took the book and searched the pages and gave it back to Harley, pointing to a spell. "This one," she said.

Personal rain.

Spell: (say the person's name), (say where he person's location is)

(say the person's name), Under the rain.

Mechanics: Think of the person you want to victimize. Wave your wand twice while saying the spell.

"Perfect!" Harley gave Ginny a hi-five. "Wanna help me do the spell?" Harley offered. Ginny nodded shyly as she took out her new wand and Harley took out hers as well. "Draco, in the train. Draco under the rain," thy both chanted together as they waved their wand. Suddenly, thunder cracked and the lights were suddenly dimmed. A few moments later, the lights returned and a soaked Malfoy with a dark storm cloud above him, raining over him. "Who did this?" he demanded. "I know it's one of you, unwanted things," he spat. "I don't know, Draco. Maybe it might be your own personality over shadowing you," Harley said innocently and Hermione and the rest couldn't help but snicker. Malfoy glared at Harley, "You," he said bitterly. "Hey, hey, Malfoy. How's the weather up there?" Ron said and the rest cracked up, even Crabe and Goyle couldn't help but stifle a laugh. "I hope those clouds won't rain on your parade," Harry said through his friends' laughter. Malfoy was out before anything else could be done.

After the laughter subsided, Hermione started to nag. "Harley! Why would you do that?!" she said. But before Harley could protest, Fred and George barged in. "You are one wonderful child! Why couldn't you be our sister?" they both said in unison as they carried her up. "Hey, I'm right here," Ron said. "I said  sister," Fred said. George leaned in to Ginny, "Great work by the way, sis. Superb job," George winked at his sister as they went out.

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