Chapter 1

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A lady with blue eyes, blonde hair, and white soft skin sat on the sea shore. She is reminiscing all the fun she had there when she was just a little girl, but now she's grown into a wonderful and tough woman. Her name is Khylie Anderson-Collins, and she is now happily married to Bryle Steven Collins, for about 9 and a half years now. They have two wonderful kids named Khyle Kurt Collins, their eldest, who's turning 7 tomorrow and Shylie Andrea Collins, her youngest. Like any other marriages Bryle and Khylie argue over little things, but at the end of the day they would end up laughing at each other for the petty argument they had.

Her alone time got cut off when someone called her. When she looked back she saw two handsome men running towards the sea shore, it was Bryle and Khyle.

"Hi! Hon how was your sleep?" Bryle greeted after they reached the sea shore. "It was fine, how about you? How was your sleep?" Khylie said while she pulled Khyle gently so she could hug him. "It was perfect before this young boy entered our room and started jumping on the bed just to wake me up," Bryle complained with a soft laughter to the latter. 

"Is that true Khyle?" Khylie asked and Khyle just returned it with a gentle nod. "Khyle, I already reminded you that it's wrong to enter someone else's room without asking permission first right?" Khylie asked while looking to Khyle with a little bit of disappointment for Khyle's actions "Yes mommy," Khyle answered while his head was bowed.

Still not contented with Khyle's answer she asked him again. "Then why did you enter our room without asking permission?" Khyle is starting to become a bit scared because his mom. Khylie never talk to him like that, but with all bravery he answered back.

"I... I was just... I just want to... I just want to suprise you and daddy, but I didn't see you so when I entered the room, that's why I woke up the Daddy to ask about your whereabouts and we end up here."

Bryle feels odd because Khylie never talk like that to their children, so he decides to interfere before the argument goes bigger. "Hey Khylie that's enough, Khyle knows his lesson now."  With that Khylie stopped.

To loosen the awkwardness between his wife and son, Bryle decided to ask Khyle and Khylie for a walk. "Babe, since we're here, why don't we enjoy the beach and have a walk, and maybe we could buy some ice cream too."  

"Yipee! We're going to eat ice cream," Khyle said excitedly, and with full happiness. Khylie just shook her head and chuckled towards Khyle's jolly accent while saying those words.

While walking on the beach Bryle carried Khyle on his left arm and he was Hugging Khylie sideways with his right arm. Suddenly Khylie remembered something. "Hey Khyle you said a while ago that you want to suprise me and daddy right?" Khyle nodded towards Khylie's statement. 

"Why did you want to surprise us then?" asked Khylie again. "Because I wanted to thank you for taking care of me and our baby Shy so I cooked breakfast but of course with the help of an adult," Khyle said proudly. 

"Who helped you then?" Khylie asked curiously. "Tita Sophia is the one who helped me," Khyle said in a jolly tone.

After a while of walking, the three reach a convenient store owned by a Resort Owner who is friends with Khylie for a long time now. After they bought Ice cream they decided to go home and checked on Shylie if she's awake already.


After a 20 minute walk the three reached the rest house that the Anderson family owns. "I'll just check Baby Shy if she's awake already, and after that let's eat breakfast together with Tita Sophia okay?" Khylie said to Bryle and Khyle after they enter the living room and the two just nod their heads since they're too tired to even utter a single word.

But after a while Khyle got his energy back. "Daddy can I go for a swim after we eat break fast?" he asked to his father. "Baby aren't you tired yet, we had a long walk right?" Bryle said while massaging his forehead. But as an answer Khyle just shook his head. "Baby can we please just rest, and maybe later we can go for a swim okay?" Bryle said and the latter gently nod. In just a few minutes Khylie went down the stairs while she's carrying her youngest. 

"Hi Daddy! Hi Kuya!" greeted Shylie while going down the stairs with her mom. "Good morning our little princess, c'mon let's go at the garden so we can have breakfast." Bryle greeted back and Shylie nod. 

When they arrive in the Garden there were bread, milk, coffee and some eggs ready at the table. Sophia is there too, sprinkling water on the plants. "Hey Sophia let's eat." Khylie called to her friend. 

"Okay, I'll just finish this!" Sophia raised the watering can signaling that she's almost done. 

"Khyle and baby Shy sit down we'll just wait for Tita Sophia to come so we could eat," Bryle said to his children while Khylie sat beside him. After some time Sophia finished what she's doing and joined the Anderson's for breakfast. 

While eating their breakfast Bryle saw that Khylie was rubbing her chess often so he decided to ask Khylie if there's something wrong. "Hey, hon are you alright? Is there anything wrong?" Bryle whispered. "My chess hurts," Khylie whispered still rubbing her chess. "Do you want some water?" Bryle asked starting to feel worried already. "Yes please" Khylie answered but before Bryle could grab the pitcher containing the water, Khylie fainted already. 

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