Birthday Lovin


Enrique groaned and was about to stand up and chase after Dot, but I got up and block the door.

I smiled and locked it.

On second thought maybe I wanted him more than I thought.

"You can't let Dot ruin every chance we have together, now can you ?" I teased as I walked forward and pushed him on to the bed.

He shook his head with a deep smile on his face.

"I'm starting to think you may not want me." I pouted as I straddled him.

He frowned and the next thing I know I'm being flipped over and he was now on top.

I chuckled as he held a screw face.

"Swear you was the one who didn't want to continue any further just a few moments ago." He said and I looked away at the wall.

"Maybe, I changed my mind." I said and he smiled shaking his head.

He lowered his head and bit at my neck and I squealed in laughter as I tried to push his head away.

I grabbed at his dreads and I could hear the low growl that came from the back of his throat.

I lifted up his head and kissed his lips.

Slowly clothes started to be removed and pants where being tossed off. Flat down to our underwear.

Now this wasn't our first time being naked around each other.

Far from first time that we was touching each other the way we was touching.

This would probably be the millionth time that we attempted sex, but now we were actually going to do it.

I took a breath as I laid fully naked on his bed.

This wasn't my first of course, but with Enrique it would be.

I wanted this to be special, or maybe I was over thinking how special I wanted it to be.

But then again it was now or probably some time way in the future and a part of me didn't want to wait that long.

His mouth connected with my lower lips and my back arched. His mouth was like magic and like other times he never seemed to not amaze me with the skills of his tongue.

He was so sloppy with the way he ate it but I loved it.

As he ate he entered his fingers and begin to thrust them in and out as he ate and licked at my cliit.

He gave me that feeling of me floating every time.

I came and he sucked it all up.

Every time I moaned I had to cover my face with the pillow. I didn't want to be too loud and give us away.

The way my legs became so wobbly from his sucking me up and I tried to push him away but Enrique was such a giver. It made him happy every time I came.

I finally escaped his grasped and he looked at me confused.

"It's my turn." I say as I push him back and take his hard length in to my hands.

I took him in my mouth and began to suck and lick his length all over.

He began to groan in pleasure and I mentally smile at him  enjoying himself.

I licked and slurped at his man hood and didn't forget t suck on his sack, I had heard Dot saying that's what dudes liked and I wanted to put that in to play to see if Enrique enjoyed it.

He certainly, I could tell as his head fell back and his groaned loudly.

My head bobbed up and down his shaft and he moved my hair out of the way as we made eye contact.

He came into my mouth and I swallowed not knowing where I could get rid of it. It wasn't even a bad taste though.

He stood me to my feet and kissed me deeply and I chuckle.

"Did I do good?" I asked as I broke the kiss.

"You did amazing." He said as he kissed.

I laid on the bed and he chuckled at my rush for this as I spread my legs.

"Are you sure ? You look nervous." Enrique asked worried clear in his voice as he placed himself at my entrance.

I chuckled. " Yes, I'm sure. Anything with you I'm sure." I said and he smiled.

 I gave him a reassuring nod, as he entered me I gasped.

It hurt for a brief moment but as he began to move and the pleasure came rushing across my body.

He was being slow and sweet, but I didn't want that and I appreciated him for even trying to take it slow.

I flipped him over and rode him and I could tell he was shocked before he took a hold of my hips as I rocked and bounced on top of him.

"Oh gosh yes." I moaned and continued to feel myself with the exotic feeling.

I had  never thought I would enjoy sex this much.

Enrique groaned and reached up and massaged on my breast as I rocked my hips back and forth.

I had to contain my moans, but it was so hard cause it was so good.

Next thing I know Enrique was flipping me over and giving it to me like no mans business.

He'd go slow to tease me then fast and it drove me crazy.

"I'm coming ! Oh god." I moaned as he pushed his lips on to mine and I our fingers tangled together.

I came with intensity.

My toes curled and I bit lightly on Enrique's lips as my body filled with pleasure.

He came soon after and smiled  down at me.

He rolled to my side and I grabbed his head and kissed his lips as I stared in to his green eyes.


"Don't even question if it was good or I'll slap you." I said and he chuckled.

"So, How are we going to escape to the bathroom ?" He said and I laughed shrugging my shoulders.

" I was thinking after you recooperate we go for a round two or three." I teased and He jumped up.

"Bout recooperate, gyal I been ready part them legs fa me na." He said spreading my legs and I laugh.

I have know Idea how I was going to manage to keep quiet this time.

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