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read if you normally listen to the song🥺✨

I sat down next to Charli, and she looked at me.
Ellie: what?
Charli: are you sure that you want to do this?
Ellie: do what?
Charli: start from the beginning with him?
Ellie: oh, yeah!
She looked me.
Charli: I've been your bestfriend for a good 6 years, I know when something's up
Ellie: nothings up
Larray: bitch stop lying
Jackson: yeah bitch
I sighed and rolled my eyes.
Sam: you can talk to us you know
Ellie: I know I just...
Dom: you just?
Ellie: I just-, it doesn't matter...
Sam: yes, it does, I've known you longer than anyone else in this room has, if you don't want to talk to them, at least talk to me
Ellie: but nothing's wrong
Sam: really?
He looked at me, and I looked at him. He raised his eyebrows at me.
Ellie: fine, I'll talk
Jackson: about fucking time
Ellie: no, just to Sam
I felt kinda bad for Charli. She's the one the brought it up, and I feel like she wanted to talk to me about something aswell. I decided to go with Sam in the end. I stood up, and looked at Charli. She looked kinda disappointed in me. but why? why was she disappointed? I stopped and looked at her. She looked at me. Sam continued to walk into my room. I shook my head, and followed him. I'm just overthinking, I always do, that's what fucks me up all the time. anyway, I made my way into my room, and Sam was sat on the bed.
Sam: you ready to talk?
I nodded my head, and sat opposite him. He looked at me, and nodded.
Ellie: I guess I just feel like people will think that I'm being bitchy, like before he left, he said that our relationship was too 'toxic', but wouldn't that mean that I was too toxic, like I don't want to start again with him, and then the same thing happen again, and again. like, I don't want to do anything that will hurt him, and anything that will make him feel like I'm forcing him to be in a relationship with me. now I feel like I'm overthinking everything. like, am I toxic? I am aren't I?
I looked at Sam, and he had tears in his eyes.
Ellie: I am? aren't I?
I looked at him, and tears filled my eyes. He looked at me, and opened his arms. I went into them, and he held me close.
Kayden: mommy?
I turned around, and flicked my tears away.
Ellie: hey baby, why are you awake?
Kayden: Sammy was yelling
Ellie: oh
I chuckled, and he ran towards me.
Kayden: are you owkay mommy?
Ellie: yup
I nodded at him, and held him close.
Sam: I'll go, and you can go to sleep, ok?
He nodded, and I laughed. Before he left, he looked at me.
Sam: you're gonna go out with him, and your gonna have fun. Ok?
I smiled, and him and nodded. He smiled and left the room. I looked at Kayden, and he looked at me.
Kayden: mommy?
Ellie: yeah?
Kayden: who are you gowing out with?
I smiled, and he looked confused.
Ellie: daddy...
His face lit up.
Kayden: REALLYY!?
I nodded at him, and smiled.
Kayden: does that mean that daddy can live with us now?
Ellie: not just yet, maybe in a few months, ok?
His face dropped a little, but he still smiled, and nodded his head.
Ellie: cmon, lets go to bed
He nodded, and I placed him in his bed. He sat up before I could tuck him in.
Kayden: can we pick your outfit out pweaseeee
He looked at me with puppy-eyes. How could I say no to that face? I smiled at him.
Ellie: ok then
He giggled, and ran over to my closet.

After much searching, we finally decided on this. It was comfy, and wasn't too ✨b l i n g✨

 It was comfy, and wasn't too ✨b l i n g✨

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