episode I

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Sweat gathered at the bottom of Uké's neck

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Sweat gathered at the bottom of Uké's neck. There was no breeze on the terrace overlooking Theed. The melody of gentle forms supported by marble and stone always filled Uké with a sense of peace. The sun was blaring down on the domed buildings. The only thing to console her was the cool metal of vibroblades hidden in her sleeves. Her mother is no doubt selling her pottery in the vendor's market with her father to help her. Uké quickly mumbled prayers for the Trade Federation's Occupation's only mark will be in the empty stomachs of the Naboo.

Beside her Padmé leaned down to fix a wrinkle in the black protective gown Sabé wears. The feather plume headpiece on the dark headscarf is supposed to make the handmaiden taller and the stark white paint on her face intimidating.

The other handmaidens—Rabé, Eirtaé, Saché, and Yané all dressed in the same trevella flame colored robes as Uké and Padmé—stood fanned out, three on each side of Sabé. They stood still, ready to execute any duty need be for whoever wore Queen Amidala's paint.

Standing front of them is Captain Panaka, Leader of the Royal Security Forces and an entourage of guards. Uké let out a baited breath when the mechanical droids opened the doors.

"Ah, Queen Amidala, there you are." The Viceroy of the Trade Federation, Nute Gunray, was accompanied by a dozen droids and Sio Bibble who was taken prisoner as he was still in the throne room when they invaded the Theed Royal Palace.

The droids surround them and the group began to move. By the time they're going through the halls, the handmaidens have been pushed to the back of the group.

It struck a nerve of Uké's, to be escorted through her own Queen's palace. It was not the Federation's right to come here, to even be here. As they pass by the vast windows, Uké's jaw clenched tight, the sweat on her neck might as well have boiled. The anger was fleeting, quickly replaced with concern as Gunray threatens the Naboo in hopes of Queen Amidala cracking.

But she didn't and Gunray ordered the droids to move them to a prison camp. Camp 4 specifically. Uké tucked the detail into the back of her mind, knowing that later the handmaidens would gather and speculate. The droids started to walk the Queen's entourage through Theed. Whatever they were to face in the camp, the handmaidens would face it together. Unless things change quickly, but the handmaidens would also be prepared for it. It would be dealt with the cold professionalism they were trained with.

Uké looked forward, staring straight at the feathered headpiece in front of her. Their formation is simple, the Queen leading in the front, Rabé and Padmé at her wings with Uké directly behind her. Following them is Eirtaé, Yané in center, and Saché. The synchronization calmed her for a second. The handmaiden's movements look like a dancing vibrant fire, meant to draw attention to the Queen's dark formidable presence. They symbolize the burning flame of defiance despite the sobriety of Amidala.

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