Chapter 39: Let's Get Rebranded

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Kim was standing out on the balcony of her home in Miami. She was looking out at the white sand beach and the sun-dappled water, but not really seeing anything. Her mind was preoccupied. Callum Woof was sprawled out languorously on one of the lounge chairs behind her, soaking up the sun. Kim hadn’t slept since her battle with Willow and she admired her dog’s ability to continually and utterly chillax. 

Kim’s phone rang. It was Other Kim. She answered it before the second ring.

“Hey!” Kim said brightly.

“Hey you!” Other Kim sang back. “I just got a call from Maria? She said there’s a photo shoot for us to do together???” 

“Yeah she just called me too!” Kim replied. “We’re going to relaunch Immaculat...” Kim trailed off, leaving unspoken the reason why Immaculat suddenly needed someone new to promote their product. “I think they mainly want you,” Kim continued, “but it’ll be fun to have a project we can do together.”

“Nonsense!” Other Kim said. “You are doing so great these days, I’m so proud of you.” Other Kim paused. “So like, how are you, by the way? I haven’t talked to you since, you know.”

“Yeah,” Kim said. “It’s been weird, since the whole story has come out, about Willow being completely obsessed with me and everything. I can’t even wrap my head around how insane she was. Ray Powers has been calling, he wants to do a feature story on me, but I kind of just kind of want to put it all behind me and move on, you know?”

“Tooootally,” Other Kim said. “Keeping busy is the best thing. And I’m so excited! We haven’t done a photo shoot in like, forever?” 

“I know right? And it feels like it was meant to be, sort of. Since Willow poisoned me and kept me from getting the Immaculat gig in the first place.” Kim hesitated before continuing. “And if I’m being totally honest, I kind of have another reason for wanting to do this shoot with you.”

Other Kim paused. “Do you.”

“Well I mean you probably noticed I’ve been on the B-list a long time now,” Kim said. “Maria and I were thinking that doing this shoot with you, and taking over as the new brand for Immaculat, could be the thing that finally gets me out of my rut.” 

“Oh come on,” Other Kim said. “You’re not in a rut! Look at everything you’ve done so far! It took me forever to get to the A-list, seriously. I worked very hard to get where I am today. If it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it. But I know you won’t give up.”

“No, I definitely won’t.”

“And anyways don’t think about that. We’re celebrating! Let’s just have fun on this shoot and do a great job! Okay?” 

“Okay!” Kim said.

“Maria said we have to be at Femme in 3 hours so I guess I’ll see you in 3 hours!”

“Okay I’ll see you there!”

“Okay awesome!”

“Okay great!”

“Love you!”

“Love you more!”

Kim ended the call and marked the time. She felt good about how the conversation had gone. She hadn’t been sure Other Kim would really be that excited about co-promoting a vodka but she’d sounded into it. Maria must have really sold it. This was great. She had a lot to do to get ready in 3 hours. 

“You be good, Callum,” Kim said. “Wish Mommy luck on her important photo shoot with her friend Kim.” She petted him and grabbed the lightning and money that emerged from his fur. “Oh thank you! Aren’t you a good boy?” she said, petting him harder, moving his many dog tags aside and scratching under his collar. “AREN’T YOU A GOOD BOY YES YOU ARE A GOOD BOY.” 

Kim stood and went to start picking out her outfit. Callum Woof looked at her for a moment, like, “What, no more pets?” then yawned, rolled over, and fell back asleep. 

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