Chapter Five

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I woke up to April tugging at my arm. I got up and picked her up, "You ready for school?"

"Yes" she said smiling

"Okay, go get dress" I told her

"Ok" she said smiling and going in her room

"Baby?" I said kissing my cheek and waking her up

"Yeah, Aug?"

"Get up, April got to go to school and you gotta do her hair. You know I can't do no girls hair"

"You gotta learn baby" she said laughing

"I can put it in a ponytail, That shit about it" I said chuckling

"Than do that, Let me see it when you done." she said laying back down

"Mm" I said shaking my head

I got up and knocked at April door, She opened it

"You ready?"

"Yes, mama just gotta do my hair" she said touching her head

"All that long ass hair, come cher" I said

She came to me and I grabbed a scrungee thingy and put her hair up in a pony tail and "Go let your mama see it"

"Bet it jacked up" she said holding her stomach laughing

"Oh... I see you. You'on think uncle Auggie can do hair?"

"Yours but not a girls" she said laughing

"Gone letcha mama see that head" I said

She laughed and left the room. I grabbed her book bag and walked in the other room

"Aug, you actually did hella good."

"Yeah, I know." I said chuckling

"Give mama a kiss, baby. And, have a good day okay?" Maya said hugging April

"Okay mama, love you." April said pecking her lips

"Love you too baby" she said

I went over and kissed my forehead and April grabbed my hand and we went outside and got in my red Ferrari, I gave her her book bag and shut the door

"Buckle up, Yungin" I told her

"OK uncle aug" she said smiling

I got in the driver side and drove to her school,

"Have a good day okay?" I said kissing her forehead and handing her her bag

"Okay, Papa Aug. Love you" she said pecking my lips

"Love you too." I said watching her go inside

I turned around to get in my car but she came back running and crying, Not again

"I'm scared" she said

"What you scared of baby girl?" I asked picking her up

"What if no one like me?"

"No one liking you? That's the least thing you should be worried about. Everyone should like you, You're beautiful, Got long ass hair, smart, funny, You shouldn't be worried about that. Rememba what I told cha the first day of school?"

"Don't matter what you come from, who you are, or who likes you, Just be you" we both said quoting what I told her

"Exactly, na you want me to walk you to class?"

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