Chapter Four

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I had a interview today to talk about Maya and I on 106&Park, Swea if Keisha pull that stunt she did with Maya I ain't gone be nice about it.

"Hey August"

"Hey, Keisha." I said hugging her

"First before we get into details y'all know August got his bae in his new music video? The no love remix featuring Maya Amour?? Roll that clip."

*Rolls clip to No Love Remix*

I smiled at Maya bad ass.

"Damn, How things going between you two?"

"Things actually going pretty good."

"You excited about having your first child?"

"Hell yeah, isn't everybody?"

"I know i was" shad said

"Is there beef with you and Trey Songz like what's going on?"

"So you just gone go against the grain and ask me lat shit, I told cha'll before I came up cher don't ask me lat shit. I came to talk about my new album and my fiancé not no damn Trey Songz, Is my album called Trey Songz? I don't fuckin thank so. And If it ain't named that don't ask me that shit. I came to talk about Maya Amour not Trey Songz and my new album, Don't come and ask me shit I don't wanna be asked, Ya hur?"

"Oh okay"
I came home and Maya was laying down on the couch sleep with April next to her, I kissed both of they foreheads and went upstairs and showered.


"Yeah babe?" I answered while still in the shower

"Just making sure that was you. How'd it go?"

"Had to snap on Keisha." I said turning off the shower and wrapping the towel around my waist

"What? Why?"

"She did the same shit she did to you, She must didn't think I wasn't gone say shit cause we was live. Ion appreciate that shit, I told her don't ask me bout Trey but she did anyways"

(A/N did you guys watch that episode of 106& Park when August snapped on Keisha that was so funny!!! Had me balling on the floor laughing )

"Aug, babe calm down." she said coming over and kissing me

"I'm calm man, Just don't appreciate that."

She laughed

"What's funny?"

"Keisha, What did bow say?"

"Shit none just looked at her like she was crazy"

Maya laughed

"OMG" she said

I shook my head and grabbed my basketball shorts and put them on and went over and wrapped my arms around Maya and kissed her cheek, "How was your day with Vanessa though?"

"It was really cool, I met her brothers and sister, They cool asf."

"At least one of us had a good day, Come take a nap with me baby."

"Aug, I just woke up from a nap"

"Not one with me"

She chuckled and laid beside me and we took a nap
"Hey Daddy!" Maliyah said hugging me

"Hey Beautiful, What you doing here?"

"Thought I'd surprise you, SURPRISE!"

"That's a good surprise babygirl." I said hugging her and kissing her cheek

"I woulda brought April but she was sleeping"

"Oh okay, but it's fine."

*Trey Performs*

Me- Special thanks to my fans, Love y'all man!! Thanks to my beautiful baby Li Li for supporting her daddy, Love you Princess!

Maliyah- Love you too

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