Chapter 14

Once we made it to wherever the heck we were going, all of the boys jumped out. Well, all of the boys except for Liam.

We casually walked in through the doorway and looked around for the monkeys. Liam started walking towards a big door. We walked through the doorway and we tried to find the boys.

Liam and I entered another door and saw the boys sitting on a few red couches, and Louis who was on the ground… talking to himself.

“Where are the other people?” Liam asked the boys.

“Well, what time is it?” Harry asked Liam or anyone that knew the time.

“Um… eight thirty seven.” Niall replied.

“They should be here by now!” Harry said exasperated. I walked toward Louis, and sat down on the ground a next to him. He turned to me, smiled, and continued talking to the air. Louis started talking about a girl named Abby Trivett, and how she ended up marring a guy named Christian Walters.

Strange Child… Suddenly, the door opened, reveling four beautiful girls.

“… we were supposed to meet in a room at eight thirty… we heard voices so we thought this was it.” One with blonde hair stuttered. I followed her eyes and wound up looking at Zayn.

“Uh… we were supposed to be here also at eight thirty.” Zayn said, captivated by her beauty. They stared at each other for another five seconds, looking at each other with a stupid look in their faces. Finally, Niall coughed while everyone else either stared at Zayn or Blondie.

“Um… well… we’re Little Mix!” One with red hair said, attempting to end the awkward moment.

“We’re One Direction, nice to meet your acquaintance Little Mix!” Liam said speaking for the boys.

“And this is Katy, our adopted sister!” Niall said, adding to Liam’s introduction.

“If you all would like, you can stay here until our people or yours come and get either us or you!” Zayn said, trying to make sense. He sounded under control after seeing the blonde, so I hope he is ok now.

So, what are your names, and your birthdays?” Harry said with a wink. By now, Louis had completed his story with the air and joined us in a seat at a couch.

The Blondie went first.

“Well, I’m Perrie Edwards, and I was born on July tenth, 1993. I’m 19 years old.” Perrie said, still looking at Zayn.

“I’m Jesy Nelson, and I was born on the 14th of June, 1991. And I’m 21 years old.” Jesy said, looking at all of us.

“I’m Leigh- Anne Pinnock, born on October 4th, 1991 and I’m also 21.” Leigh Anne said.

“Can we call you Lee?” Louis asked right as she stopped talking.

“Yeah, sure!” Leigh – Anne said.

“And I’m Jade Thirlwall, born 26th of December, and I’m 19 years… YOUNG!” Jade exclaimed.

“Well, I think that you girls know who we are, right?” Zayn asked.

“Well duh! You guys are like only the biggest boy band in the entire world!” Jesy said.

“So… what do we wanna do now?” I asked, feeling a little out of place, knowing I didn’t really FIT in with the boys and the girls were kind of ignoring me.

“Oh guys!! I have an idea!! What if we both sing one of our songs, and then mash them together! Like make a little mix of the songs! And see what I did there?” Liam suggested and asked.

“That’s a great idea!” Lee said.

“We could use Wings and you guys can use Live While We’re Young!” Perrie added, giddy with excitement.

“Let’s talk with our managers about it, and we could even put it on both of our upcoming albums!” Niall said, also excited.

“Ok… so… what do we do now?” Jade asked, after everyone was calm. I was still seated on the couch, but not really paying any attention to what was happening. Suddenly the door opened, revealing nobody other than THE SIMON COWELL HIMSELF!

“UNCLE SI!” Louis shouted, because he was the first person to see him. He jumped up and ran towards him, showering him with hugs. The other boys shot their heads towards the door once Louis had gotten up, and they too jumped up and ran towards Simon.

“Hey Louis, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Leigh- Anne, Perrie, Jade, and Jesy. How are you all doing today?” Simon said, unfazed by Louis or the other boys actions. The girls all stayed put in their seats… until the boys pulled off of Simon and the girls jumped on him like he was their prey.

Simon hugged each and every one of them… well except for me. Was it like I was invisible to them? I zoned out until I heard the girls sit down, and a loud clap.

I turned my head to where the clap was, and saw Simon Cowell right in front of me.

“He.. He..Hello… Simon Cowell.” I said, quite scared of what he would say to me.

“Hey there Katy, nice to meet you!” Simon said, pulling me into a hug. I immediately tensed, and saw Niall jump up, coming straight for me and Simon. Niall got Simon’s attention by asking a question.

“Hey Uncle Si, do you think that we could do a mix of Wings and Live While We’re Young with Little Mix?” Niall said, seeing that I was VERY uncomfortable with Uncle Si’s hug.

“That’s exactly why I came to talk to you boys about. I was going to ask you all about it, so how do you feel about it?” He asked, finally letting go of me and turning toward Niall. After he let me go, I collapsed on to the red couch and watched as they spoke to Uncle Si about making the “Mix.”

I’m starting to feel really lonely, so I go up to Niall and ask him if I could use his phone and headphones.

“Hey Ni, can I see your phone and headphones?” I asked him

“No, because you are going to record a song with us right before we start the “Mix!”

Oh ship……..

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