Chapter Three (Maya & August only)

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"Aug, you're Sucha clown. Gone!!" I said laughing

"You know you love this clown though."

I smiled,, "Yes, can't help but love you"

"Uncle Auggie!" April said running in the bedroom

He smiled and picked her up and spun her around, "There's my babygirl!!!"

"Hey" she said laughing

"You ready for practice?" He asked her

"Yes!!" She said smiling

"Okay, gone an put cha unifom (uniform) on"

"Okay, uncle auggie" she sad smiling and running upstairs

"I swea' Autumn better look like her"

I laughed, "Aug, you're Sucha retard! You know our baby is gone be pretty, scratch that beautiful and you know she will be. Hopefully she look like ha mama"

"She gotta look like daddy"

I laughed and shook my head, "Aug, you ain't even all that cute! Na' I'm bad asf and if she look like me? Whoa, she gone be badddd!"

"Are you serious?" He said laughing

"Uh Yass!"

"May May, you you know I'm sexy as hell"

I laughed, "No Lie baby"

"I know so"

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his lips on mines and kissed them

"She don't needa look like you than I'm gone have to keep my gun loaded bruh" he said with all seriousness

"And why's that?"

"Your fine ass, uh uh, my daughter can't be looking like that, Not just any nigga can have my babygirl"

"August, you're going to be a great father! You know that right?"

"Yeah I know"

"I see the way you take care, Chay, Kay and Mya and my girls. You gone be one hella of a father" I said smiling

"She gone be a daddy's girl, So you know she ain't gone be all on mama!"

I laughed and walked up the stairs


I shook my head

"Good?" April asked fixing her skirt

My baby's a cheerleader!!

"Yes, OMG you look so much like your father." I said looking at my baby

"Is that a good thing?"

"You know it's a good thing." I said smiling

"Cool, ma can you do my hair?"

"Of course, I can oh *holds stomach*"

"What's wrong mama?"

"The baby kicked, wanna feel?"

She smiled and nodded and came over and felt my belly

"Ohhh I wanna feel" August said

I laughed and he came over and felt the baby kick, "Oh shid"

"Aug, you're Sucha clown OMG!" I said covering my face laughing

he laughed and put his forehead on mines and kissed my nose

"Mom!! Do my hair so we won't be late!"

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