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Chapter Two

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I was going through my song book and found my song "Let You Go" about Trey, I read the lyrics, I don't know why but, I did.

// I'm so confused,
I don't know why I let you treat me like you do
We've got issues, I let you walk in and out of my life
And that's not right
So much hurt, So much pain, I never thought that I could feel like this
But I do
Being in a relationship with you is like a Roller Coaster
Rain fall down on me, I let you get away with everything
I let you slide, my tears I hide, to cover up the mistakes you made
I let the rain fall down on me, I let it fall
I let you get away with everything
I let you slide, my tears I hide, to cover up all the mistakes you made

No more sleepless nights or waiting for you to unlock the door and come inside
Gotta get a hold of myself, Cause I have to much pride
For you to think that you can do the things you do,
I know that you don't love me like you say you do
I have to tell my self to just let go of you
(I'm sorry-
Apology not accepted
And it all feels like

I let the rain fall down on me,
I let you get away with everything, yes I did
I let you slide, the tears I hide, to cover up all the mistakes you made

I let the rain fall down
I let you get away with everything
Whoo-hoo oh
The tears I hide, to cover up mistakes you made

Everything you did, baby
I let you slide
Everything you did baby
I let you slide
I- Never said anything to hurt you baby
I- I gotta let you go
I-Let you go
I-Gotta let you go
Gotta let you go
Oh, I gotta let you go
-I'm sorry (male speaking)
I gotta let you go, oh
Let you go
-I'm sorry (male speaking)
I gotta let you go, oh x5

Let you go by Ravaughn\\

"Hey beautiful" August said kissing me

I smiled, "Hey baby, How was the studio?"

"Good, what's that?"

"Nothing, you hungry?" I asked him

"No, but you been crying?" He asked me

"Nah, I'm about to cook" I said getting up

"Nah, tell me what's wrong! You know I hate to see you cry"

"I'm fine baby"

He wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my belly and whispered in my ear and I smiled and he kissed my shoulder

"I love you" he said

"I love you too" I said back

"You're so beautiful, you know that?"

I smiled, "Yes"

"You better know that"


"I'm cooking, You rest yourself." he said jogging downstairs

I shook my head and laughed and went and checked on April, she was still sleeping. I went downstairs and seen Trey

"Hey Trey" I said

"Hey, Can I get a hug?"

I smiled and nodded and hugged him!

"How you been?" I asked going to the couch

"Been good, where's April?"

"She's sleeping."

"Oh, well I'm gone talk to you later. Let her know I came by, aight?"

"O-K." I said

He hugged me and left, I chewed on my lip in nervousness, Gawddddddd that man was everything! Why I didn't just make things work? OMG. No, Maya!


"Huh?" I said turning and looking at August

"You ain't hur me?"

"Nah babe, what you say?"

"I asked you if you was aight."

"Yeah, what he come by for?"

"To pick up April to take her to his moms so she could see her."

"You ain't doing this right?"

"Doing what?"

"You ain't thinking about going back to him, Are you?"

"August, No. Is you gone ask me that everyday?"

"Uh yup!"

"You don't trust me?" I asked getting up and going to him

"I do, but everytime I fall for you and we get serious he comes and shit gets fucked up."

"August, Do you honestly think I'm leaving you? Look *shows him ring* I'm not going no where." I said smiling

"Better not, come here"

I smiled and walked over to him and he kissed my cheek


Honestly. I wasn't really going to pick up April, well I was and I wasn't. I wanted to see Maya, I was hoping August wasn't there but he was.She still looks bad asf, She always looks better when she pregnant to me, Honestly 😂. but, I miss Maya that's all I got to say. I love her and that shit don't change.

Yes, I still have flashbacks of what happened and that's what gets me over being mad at her from leaving, Because she needed to get out cause who knows? I might of hurt her again.

Angie ass is in prison, August ain't been to long got out of jail for assaulting her. But, anyways if I could rewrite the script I would change, I would be the one with Maya

But things change.



"TJ, go help your uncles." I said putting dishes in the sink

"Okay, mama"

He got up and went outside and helped my brothers, Terrence "Tee Tee" and Sirjavion "Sir" bring in boxes

"Sus, I wanna seriously meet Maya Amour"

"You will, soon"


"Promise." I said smiling

"Thank you" she said hugging me

"You're welcome. "

"I'm done mama" TJ said

"Good Job! Gimme kiss!"

He came over to me and pecked my lips and high fived me

"Can't believe you already 10!! Wow. You're growing up on mama"

"I'm always gone be a mama's boy!"

"You better be" I said hugging him


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