38: I - Connection of the Past

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Author's POV:

"Phupho!" Zoya chimed as she saw Aayat coming inside along with Mahir as she drew everyone's attention too on them.

"Assalam walaikum!" Aayat and Mahir greeted in unison as they finally stood before the Saeed family.

"Walaikum salam. Eid Mubarak !" Said Aayat's mother who went and hugged her daughter and then patted on Mahir's head affectionately.

"Eid Mubarak Ammi." Aayat said as she smiled happily upon finally coming back to her parent's home.

"Eid Mubarak Abba." She then went and hugged her father who was sitting on sofa.

"Eid Mubarak beti." He said back as his eyes shone bright as he was utterly delighted by sudden arrival of his daughter.

"Eid Mubarak uncle." Mahir said to Saeed while Aayat just sat beside her father.

"Eid Mubarak son. We are so glad to see you both!" Saeed said as he gestured Mahir to sit beside him on the other side of sofa.

"Aayat, why didn't you tell me that you were coming? I have had did all the preparations." Aminah, Aayat's mother said to which Mahir replied instead of Aayat,

"Aunty, I said to her to keep it a secret. "

Aminah smiled while Aayat just looked at Mahir who nodded to her as if to say her to just go along with his story.

"Yes Ammi.. and I am not guest here right! " Aayat said winking at her mother.

"Of course." Her mother said laughing.

"And I and Aayat are going to stay here till tomorrow." Mahir declared as he saw the happiness of Aayat's parents magnifying upon hearing the news.

"Really? Ma sha Allah." Saeed exclaimed as he saw Aayat nodding.

"That means phupho will stay here with us?" Zoya asked still confusedly to which everyone laughed.

Aminah nodded at her as she told ,

"Yes Zoya. And not only her but Mahir uncle will stay with us too."

"Wow. Really?" Zoya said excitedly as she looked now at Mahir.

"Yes!" Mahir said. Zoya ran to Mahir and then sat into his lap happily as he talked to him excitedly.

Meanwhile Aayat just narrowed her eyes at them for a second. 'Zoya seemed more Happy because of the news of Mahir's stay rather than her!' She thought.

Nonetheless , he noticed Umair and Aiza weren't at home so she asked,

"Where are Bhai and Bhabhi?"

The servants served Mahir and Aayat the sweet dishes while Saeed informed,

"They had just went to meet one mutual friend of theirs. "

"Look they are here."Aminah said as Umair and Aiza too arrived. The couple was surprised to see Aayat and Mahir and smile automatically adorned their lips upon seeing them.
All of them greeted each other and then Umair sat beside Mahir on other chair as he said to Aayat,

"So you're back to irritate us , sister?"

Aayat stared at him and then said ,

"Yes I am. And I am not leaving before two days." Mahir enjoyed the bickering of the siblings. Umair looked at Mahir to confirm the news to which Mahir nodded.

"That is so great! We will be having so much fun Aayat. You don't know how much we all miss you!" Aiza said softly to which Aayat giggled.

Whole of the Saeed family was busting with joy as their daughter was back to spent time with them. Aayat too was at her happiest moment, as her face gave away all about her inner happiness, the smile that never left her lips indicating the happiness to everyone around her, including Mahir.

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