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Chapter One

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"Yeah baby?" I asked laughing to myself

"You need anything?"

"No babe, I'm fine." I said

"I'm going to the studio, I'll be *comes in they bedroom* back in a bit, okay?" He said kissing my temple

"Okay, baby. I love you." I said

"I love you too" he said kissing my lips and leaving

I ain't been doing no shows lately because I'm 7 months pregnant and doctor told me I need to stay seated and not doing to much so I won't have a miscarriage and we don't wanna do that, Now do we?

"Momma?" I heard April call for me

I ain't seen Trey in a long time. he comes and picks up April from Maliyahs house. I ain't even spoke to him, Guess he's still mad at me, but he brought that on himself.

"Yes baby?" I said picking her up

"Momma, why do you always have girls?"

I laughed, "I don't even know, baby. I ask myself the same question."

She laughed and said, "What you naming her mama?"

"Autumn Antonia Alsina" I said smiling

"She's gone be beautiful! Just like you mama"

"You're beautiful too. Looking just like your daddy"

She smiled, I smiled back and we went to the store.


I was in the studio listening to the no love remix ft. Maya! You already know I had to get babe on track with me. We already filmed the music video and soon after that's when we found out she was pregnant.

"Hey, August"

"Hey what's up?" I said spinning the chair around and dapping Chris

"Not shit, how's everything going at home?"

"Great, Everything good with you and Kae?"

"You already know"

I chuckled and said, "Lat's good bruh"

"You happy about having a little one bruh?"

"Yeah, man. You just don't know!!"

He laughed, "Happy for you, nigga"


I called my daughter Maliyah, I ain't even seen Maya, I'm still mad about everything but, it's whatever doe. Now she about have dude baby? This some bullshit.

Phone Convo with Maliyah
Maliyah: Hey Dad, what's up?
Me: What you doing baby girl?
Maliyah: At work, chilling waiting on a client
Me: That's what's up. How's your mom?
Maliyah: Moms great. Why haven't you talked to her? It's going on 3 years dad.
Me: Your momma don't wanna talk to me or have nothing to do with me
Maliyah: That ain't true, Momma still loves you
Me: Yeah, look dad my client just got here. I'll talk to you later, Love you
Maliyah: Love you too
I hung up

I'm glad that Maliyah finally coming back my way. I still lost Maya but as long as I got my kids, I'm gone be fine. or will I?

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