Sleeping Beauty - Alternative ending

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 The prince knelt down beside the bed. The Princesses pink lips were in a small pout, and her mouth was soft against his as he bent over and kissed her. Her green eyes fluttered open and looked into his. She was a little dazed at first but soon realised that the curse had been lifted. She was so happy and took the Prince's face in her hands. 

 She was about to say something to him, thank him, but she noticed her hands. They were getting wrinkled and age spots were appearing. She went to hide them from the Prince but he took them in his own and was staring at her face. Her skin was becoming even more pale with an unhealthy grey tinge to it. Her long golden locks were turning white and chunks of hair was falling to the ground.

 She took her hands from the Prince and hobbled over to the mirror by the bedside. She had aged many years and was a hunched over, old woman, no signs of her young beauty showing. Yet she kept ageing. Her face was becoming more and more hollow, her teeth rotting and her bones protruding. Faster and faster, she aged until she was nothing but a pile of dust.

 The many years that she spent sleeping, it seemed, had caught up to her all at once. 

(Author's note: I hope you liked this alternate ending. I was tossing between the two and thought I should just do both. Hope you enjoyed, more stories on the way! xx - Emmie)

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