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Pen Your Pride

Enclosed. A Hunger Games Story. Finale

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We awake to the sounds of screaming. "Three of them. Right in the tree! Kill them. Kill them Ruben!" One of them started to climb the tree. I guess his name was Ruben.

"Guys. We need to do something. Fast." I said. I start to climb higher and higher in the tree. I'm almost 100 feet high in the tree and I hear a rip and a scream. Then a bomb. I look down and at first I see Nolan. But he's still in the tree. I look further down and I see Grace. On the ground. With a puddle of blood surrounding her.

I see little drops of water fall from the tree. Nolan's crying. I start to as well. That left me and Nolan against about 15 other tributes to kill. I take out my bow and shoot one of the five people down there. I quickly shoot another and Nolan throws a spear. Another two are down. I shoot Ruben as he continued to climb up the tree right in the eye. There was only one left that we didn't kill. A girl from district 4.

Nolan and I climb down the tree and begin to talk.

"You know one of us cant survive. Or maybe even both of us. One of us is definitely going to die." he said.

"You can't think like that. Think positively. And the one who should win is you. Your family needs you."

"No. They don't. Why would anyone need me? I've already been chosen to kill myself in these games. I'm just one person."

"But maybe being just one person can change. If you win the games, then you have fame and fortune for you and your family for the rest of your lives. I would risk my life for that. I mean, if we were the last two."

"But I couldn't kill you."

"Why not?"


"Thats a great answer..."

"Take it this way. Would you have killed Grace? Or even Hattaline if she was selected to be part of the games? Would you even kill me?"

"Of course not. Especially you. Mostly because your actually in the games. These sick, twisted games. I just wish one day these games stopped. It's horrible. Just killing off children just to show the Capitol rules over everyone. What's next? Sending everyone into the arena and kill everyone?"

"Well. It's not like we can do anything. Unless one of us wins."

We stop talking and decide to hunt. I'm pretty depressed after our talk. The realization of only one of us can win has finally came to me. And there's really nothing I can do about it. Ever since Katniss and Peeta won. The Capitol had strict rules. If two try to win. Both die.

We manage to get a squirrel. We cook it on a small fire and eat. I stomp on the fire and we search again for a place to sleep without being found. I manage to find a small cave and we both go in it and talk.

"So. What was it like for you when you got called in the reapings?" I say.

"My heart literally stopped. But when I found out you were going, I thought we could make an alliance. I knew you were a great fighter. And then maybe I would have a chance at winning. That's even what my parents said. Team up with John."

"I'm not that good. You know? I mean I can fight. But you with spears? My god. Your really good. By any chance if we both somehow get out. We should go hunting."

"Yeah. But that's not going to happen."

"Yeah. I guess."

The bombs went off that night. Another nine are dead today. Including Grace. I cant believe she passed. After seeing her dad and all. It's just so depressing. But there's 11 of us left. One that's me, and one I wouldn't even imagine killing. So nine left to kill. And tomorrow is a new day.

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