The Gorgeous Prince of the Morning

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I woke up early again this morning. My alarm clock was going off blaring this morning’s talk radio. I never liked my clock’s settings for the alarm but then again I necessarily don’t like being woken up at any time during the day. I have a horrible sleep pattern; well it’s not really a pattern at all I go to bed whenever I feel like it. I work all day and into the later part of the night then I fall asleep around midnight, get five hours of sleep then wake up, on a good day. Some people would think that’s not too bad but not being a morning person I hate it to death. It leaves me feeling slow and groggy all day. By the time mid afternoon comes around I’m ready to go back to bed.

Slamming my hand against the sleep button I stopped the noise and started my morning routine. I rubbed my eyes and stretched out my back before pushing my sheets away from me. Stepping one foot after the other on my cold wood floors made me curl my toes and forced me to tip toe around my bed looking for clothes. I rummaged through my dresser finding a pair of dark duel tone skinny jeans, a black long sleeve shirt with a slightly lower neckline away from my neck, matching dark blue panties and underwear, and of course my all wonderful socks that keep the cold from my feet.

My clothes in hand I walked them to my bathroom which was kind of small. I had a small white sink with small temperature knobs and silver spout placed against the wall under a mirror that doubled as a medicine cabinet. The shower was also kind of small, it could only fit me but it was only me in this apartment no boyfriends, or husband for me. I set my clothes on the rack I bought and put in next to the sink. I had to go back out in to the hallway to grab towels since there was no linen closet in my bathroom.

With the towel set on my clothes and turned on the shower turning it to the warmest possible temperature I liked. While the water heated up I walked out in to my kitchen unable to sense the oncoming danger of the corner edge of the counter. I hit my toe against the corner pretty good I heard the bones crack and pop, immense pain quickly overtaking my toes made for some colorful words to come out of my mouth. Instinctively, I curled my toes bringing them up to hold in my hand and very goofily hopping on one foot over to the other end of the kitchen to the coffee pot. The worst part about that was it happened once a week, okay it was more like almost every morning. It was my own apartment, I’ve lived here over seven years and I keep hitting, bumping, and walking into my own furniture.

At the corner of my kitchen where I kept my coffee pot I pulled all the ingredients, coffee grounds, filter, in front of me putting the filter in the holder and the grounds in the filter. Thankfully the sink wasn’t too far away that I would endanger myself trying to get there. I grabbed a glass filled it close to the brim and filled the coffee pot. Pressing the on button I made my way back to the bathroom.

The sound of the water rushing down in the shower was like a gentle rain storm out my window. Leaving the door open only a crack to the let the hot air rush out, because my landlord didn’t believe I should have a working vent to properly let out the hot air so I could close my door all the way. It was a normal reaction to living in an apartment and wanting everything in the outside world to disappear from the bathroom. But I had to make do with what I have I didn’t have enough money to move out of this place.

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