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(Hey I'm not dead, college is a boat load and writers block is never fun, but enjoy the chapter!!)

We all got into our positions, the ducks on one side, and new recruits on the other. Charlie, Fulton and Jesse were up top along with Dwayne, Ken and Dean.

"Great day for hockey ain't it?"

Dwayne asked Jesse with a smile as the two of them stood across from each other in front of the puck "Sure is, cowboy." dragging out the 'ow' in cowboy. The two of them were quick to attack the puck, as Charlie shoved Ken, Dwayne managed to take the puck, which caused Jesse to fall over.


Dwayne yelled as he brought the puck down, Adam and I looked at each other before going after the puck. Luis was quick to make his way next to Dwayne, which caused him to pass it to Luis right before Adam knocked Dwayne over.

I quickly changed direction and tried to catch up to Luis, along with Charlie and Jesse. "Hey man, Take it easy man! Slow it down!" Greg stated as Luis skated closer and closer to him, having no signs of stopping anytime soon. "Goldberg, Look out!" Bombay yelled, Greg widened his eyes, Luis couldn't stop. "Oh no!" He yelled, as Luis crashed into Greg, sending the two of them into the net behind him.

The net slid back into the wall, the two boys sliding close behind it. Greg's helmet was now off as Luis sat up and turned to him while taking off his helmet "Thanks for breaking my fall." Luis tapped Greg on the shoulder with his helmet and got back up as Greg sent him a fake smile while giving a sarcastic response.


Adam now had the puck as I came up a couple of feet off to the left side of him. "Adam you got left!" I yelled as he looked over at me but quickly went back down to look at the puck. "Let's go, defense!" I heard Julie yell from the goal, Adam lifted his stick to pass, only for Dean to ram into him, causing Adam to fall onto Dean's back, he was quick to lift up, tossing Adam off of his back.

I was quick to grab the puck and pass it to Jesse who took a shot on Julie, but she was quick to catch it in her glove.

Fulton, Charlie, Dwayne, Dean, and Lester were all trying to get the puck out from against the boards as coach yelled "Come on! Dig it out of there!" The five of them finally got the puck out as Charlie brought it up the line, Dwayne, Fulton and Dean all following close behind. Fulton yelled "Lets Go team! Come on!" Charlie was quick to pass me the puck as I brought it up.

Adam was a few feet ahead off to the side as Ken came after me "Adam!" I yelled while passing him the puck "I got it!" Was his response before grabbing it and taking it further up. He was quick to make it past Dwayne who was playing defense and took a shot on net, only to make it past Julie and score.

"Good shot, Adam! Way to show'em!"

Coach yelled while clapping his hands.

Fulton was now behind our net going for the puck, only for Dean to come from behind shoving him into the boards causing Fulton to fall on the ice as Dean yelled "How do you feel tough guy?" He laughed at Fulton's demise.

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