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(Hey so I lied, one song will be mentioned more than once, and you'll see why. Also I have finally answered your prayers lmaoo I've just been wicked busy and have had writers block for awhile)

I managed to calm myself down a bit before walking into the ice rink. "(L/n)! Your late!" I kept my head down, already knowing that my eyes are red and puffy from my crying.

My voice cracked a bit as I said "Sorry Coach, something came up!" I kept my head down, staring at the floor, not wanting to worry Charlie and Adam, who were currently with the rest of the team out on the ice. Coach responded with "That's alright, go get changed and meet us back out here. Your new teammates will be here soon!" I nodded my head a bit before making my way to the locker rooms.

Once I got into the locker room I threw my bag down angrily, along with my hockey stick. Collapsing down on the bench, I rested my elbows on my knees, as I put my forehead in my hands, already feeling another wave of tears making their way past my eyes.

Suddenly, the door to the locker room opened, causing me to jump up a bit in surprise as I quickly wiped my eyes. "(Y/n)?" A voice I knew all to well spoke up, causing me to look up and over at the door. Adam and Charlie stood by the door, looking at me, both of their eyes widened in concern as soon as I looked up.

I sent them a small forced smile in response, as I furiously wiped my eyes, trying to stop myself from crying even more. "Hey guys" I sniffled, as the two of them quickly made their way over to me.


Adam slowly started saying as he sat down next to me, Charlie kneeled down in front of me, as I looked from Charlie, to Adam, worry and concern could be seen in both of their eyes. "...what happened?" Adam finished, I looked down at my hands, as they sat on my lap, shaking my head a bit as more tears fell. Suppressed sobs wracked my body as I knew they weren't going to leave my side until I told them what was wrong.

Charlie was quick to grab my hands, that sat on my lap, "(Y/n).." I looked up at the boy who called my name, my tearful (e/c) eyes meeting his worried green ones.


He finished, as I let out a sigh, that was quick to turn into a whimper. I looked down at my hands, that Charlie held onto tightly, refusing to let me go anywhere.

'I might as well tell them, they aren't going to let me go anywhere until I do.'

I cleared my throat a bit, before speaking up "I-I didn't mean too... It-...It all happened...so fast.." Adam spoke slowly, his voice sounding uneasy "(Y/n). What did you do?" I shook my head and ignored his question.

"She-She was ripping the shirt... she wouldn't let go, I had-...." I swallowed the lump in my throat, and more tears started to fall from my eyes as I bit my lip. I took in a shaky breath, trying to calm myself down a bit, so that I don't burst into tears during the next sentence.

"Who? (Y/n), who was it?"

Again I ignored Adam's question, just wanting to get through the story without crying (anymore than I already am) at least. "I panicked.... I-I didn't realize..." I paused before looking up at the two of them "I punched her.... I punched her and now I'm screwed...." the two of them looked at each other, both equally worried and confused, before looking back at me.


My teary (e/c) eyes met a pair of concerned forest green ones, Charlie gave my hands a light squeeze as he continued "Who did you hit?" I just stared at him for a couple of seconds, trying to process the question.

My brain went blank for a bit, not knowing what to say, as a sad sarcastic laugh made its way to the back of my throat. Pulling one of my hands out of Charlie's grasp, wiping my eyes using the back of that same hand. I shook my head a bit, not really wanting either of them to worry, but I knew I was already worrying the both of them as is.

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