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Hey guys, so before I start this there is just one thing I want you to know for this chapter.

(p/y/b)= Players your between

The only reason I have this is because of the news paper scene, in the movie with the announcer. They have the ducks in alphabetical order by last name, so obviously we are all gonna have different last names. Like for me, I would be between Charlie and Guy cause my last name starts with a C.


As soon as we reached Bombay, Carlie blew into the duck whistle grabbing Bombay's attention. We all chanted"Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks!" As Bombay turned around in his Ducks jacket, we all cheered and chanted.

Bombay walked over to us as we skated over to him on the sidewalk, all surrounding him in a group hug. "Hey! Okay! All right! All right! All right!" We all let go of him but still chanted.

"Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks! Ducks!"

Once we settled down Bombay spoke up, a smile on his face"Welcome back, Ducks. I really missed you guys. Are you ready to fly?" We all yelled "Yeah!" In response as Bombay yelled "Woo!" While clapping his hands.

We all started clapping in response "All right! All right!" a horn honked, grabbing everyones attention. A limo, pulled up along the curb in front of us as we all started talking amongst ourselves.



"Who's in there?"

"Can't be from this neighborhood"

Jesse answered the question, as I leaned over towards Adam a bit to tell him "What if it's a celebrity?" My eyes stayed glued to the limo as I heard Adam let out a slight chuckle "I doubt that." He bumped his shoulder into mine, causing me to look over to him.

His blue eyes shined bright as he smiled down at me"Besides..." he continued gesturing around us"There is no paparazzi" I looked around, nodding my head in response "I guess your right." I turned my head back to look at him and sent him a smile.

He smiled back down at me, his blue eyes meeting my (e/c) ones as he lifted his right arm up, but stopped himself and widened his eyes. A light pink color dusted his cheeks before lifting his arm up to stretch it, letting out a nervous laugh as he looked back at the limo, all while stretching his arm.

I sent the side of his head a confused look, before slowly looking back at the limo 'weird..' I thought, as a man hopped out of the other side of the limo. He leaned over the top of it so that we could get a good view of him.

"Hey guys, I'm Don Tibbles, Hendrix hockey apparel. We're your official sponsors. Anybody want a card?"

He started to take a card out of his pocket as we all skated over saying that we wanted one. Bombay then got in the limo to talk to him as the wrest of us skated off.

"Mom! You'll never believe what just happened!"

I yelled as I walked through the door to my house, I was quick to take off my skates and put them by the door. The house was quiet, so I asked in confusion"Mom?" I started looking around the house as I took the padding off my elbows.

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