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It's been about a year since we last saw Bombay, since then I've been spending more time with Adam. We have been practicing together and sometimes I would even talk to him about my crush on Charlie, he would always say something like "I'm sure he likes you" and "Maybe he just doesn't know how to tell you" but I doubt it.

My mom ended up meeting this guy who has a daughter of his own. Her name is Debrah, ironic right? She is the same age as me, but we don't necessarily get along.

She would rather listen to Backstreet Boys and go hangout at the mall, than put on roller blades and play some hockey with me. Of course whenever she came over, (which was more often than you think because of her dad) she would always have a friend with her, and wouldn't you know, they're talking crap about me.

The song Debrah used to make me smile, but ever since she marched into my life with her dad, all it does is make me frown. As time went on, things got worse, talking went to name calling, name calling went to threats, threats went to pushing, pushing went to shoving, and shoving went to tripping.

I haven't said anything to anyone about what she's been doing, knowing that somehow she'd get away with it because she's an angel when my mom and her dad are around. My mom has been so happy lately too, I couldn't bare to take that away from her.

I learned to deal with the names, threats and the pushing and shoving, because at the end of the day, Adam was always there to cheer me up. I sometimes saw Charlie too, but he was mostly working.

"Mom! I'm going over to Adam's!"

I yelled to my mom who was currently in the kitchen with Debrah's dad. "Okay sweetheart! Have fun!" I finished strapping up my rollerblades and stood up. Debrah made her way downstairs, shoving me to the side.

Since I was on rollerblades, this action made me fall over causing Debrah to laugh "What a klutz." She said as she walked off. I glared at the back of her head before getting up and skating out the door.

I put my headphones on as my Walkman sat attached to my waist, the song Everybody wants to rule the world by Songs by Tears for Fears blasting through my headphones. After a few minute of skating, an arm swung around my shoulders, I was about to punch the person, only to look over and see Charlie in his ducks jersey.

He was saying something but I gave him a confused look as I couldn't hear a word he was saying. He looked like he was laughing as a giant smile sat on his face, he was quick to take off my headphones leaving them to wrest around my neck.

"Wanna play some hockey?"

My confused look was quick to change into a happy one as a smile graced my lips, I let out a laugh "Is that even a question?" Charlie was quick to grab my hand and drag me off while saying "Come on!" The two of us skated off, weaving through the slightly crowded sidewalk.

We ended up reaching a basketball court where they set barrels up to play a game of street hockey. Charlie and I watched from the other side of the metal fence as Jesse scored, throwing his arms and stick up in the air to celebrate.

Charlie blew into the Duck whistle, grabbing Jesse's attention as he turned towards the two of us "Hey, Charlie! (Y/n)!" I respond with "Hey Jesse!" A smile on my face, I sent him a wave.

Charlie gripped the metal fence in front of him "Jesse, we're back!" He yelled, causing Jesse to join us.

After a minute or so Jesse was quick to say "Let's go get Averman" with that the three of us skated off. We skated past the school as we kneeled down a bit, all while still skating.

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