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( Sorry for the long wait but updates are gonna be slower than usual because school started and I'm already behind in almost all my classes)


It's been about a year since Bombay left, during that time my mom got remarried and I have been spending more and more time at Han's shop.

I hung out with the others here and there. Connie and Guy are now dating, Lester got a job at the movie theater, Greg is working at his parents café and Adam has mostly been practicing for the next season with (Y/n).

Speaking of (Y/n), I still haven't had the guts to ask her out. I was supposed to at the championship game but her mom grabbed her attention, since then I just haven't found the right moment.

Adam and (Y/n) have been spending a lot of time together lately, I fear that he might like her too, but I don't let my feelings get in the way of our friendship.

Bombay ended up coming back home to Minnesota last night because of a knee injury which forced him to stop playing hockey. Han's brother Jan is running the shop with me while Han's visits their mom.

Bombay was asleep on the couch in the back as I sharpened skates, about a few minutes later Bombay jolted awake. I was quick to notice, opening the sliding doors between us.

"Sorry, did I wake you?"

Bombay sent me a smile as he fixed himself so he now sat up correctly"Hey, Charlie." He responded with. I smiled back and walked over to him"Hey, Coach." He stood up as I said"It's good to see you" bringing him in for a hug.

"Good to see you." Bombay responded with, as he used his free hand to pat my back. His other hand held the cane to lean on, so his knee would have less pressure on it.

"I really missed you"

I now stood next to him as Jan got both of our attentions. Holding Bombay's breakfast on a tray in his hands "For breakfast, my specialty. Jans ha-" the two of us looked at each other while finishing the sentence for him"Hasenpfeffer and eggs" the two of us laughed a bit.

Jan responded with "yeah" Bombay and I both sat down "I thought I smelt something burning" Bombay said as Jan places the tray down in front of him. "I see you've met my new apprentice" Jan commented as he sat in the chair across from the two of us.

The tray sat on the little table in front of the three of us. I looked over at Bombay as I said"Jan told me you did this job when you were my age." Bombay ran his hands through his hair to fix it before turning to me"That's right, and I hope he pays you more than he payed me." He turned back to look at Jan.

"You got payed?"

"Eat everybody, before the Hasenpfeffer gets cold." Jan said, changing the subject, and innocent smile on his face. After awhile I ended up skating back to my house on rollerblades.

The next day I sat at my desk doing home work as my headphones sat on my head, blasting music through my ears. I let out a sigh as thoughts flew though my head, tapping my pencil to the beat of the music on the notebook in front of me.

'I haven't hung out with (Y/n) in awhile. It's been a couple of days since I last saw her, she hasn't bothered to call or anything. She's probably with Banks. Why can't she-'

My thoughts were cut off from the sound of a duck whistle "hey Charlie!" taking off my headphones in confusion I dropped my pencil on my notebook and went over to the window.

Looking out it, I noticed Bombay standing on the ground below me, hands on his hips as he sent me a smile"Hey!" He shouted a bit as I smiled down at him, leaning on the windowsill in front of me.

"Do you wanna play some hockey?"

I'm now skating down the sidewalk, duck whistle in hand as I went to round everyone up.  The first person I ended up running into was of course the girl that has been invading my thoughts for the past two years.

A smile made its way to my lips as I watched her from a ways behind her. (Y/n)'s (h/l) (h/c) hair, being down, rather than in her usual braid, her walkman at her side and headphones on her head.

Her helmet sat on top of her headphones as she skated down the sidewalk, I was quick to catch up to her and tell her that the ducks are back.

(This is a short chapter so I'm going to update twice for you guys today)

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