Chapter 1

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It was finally happening. Lily was moving out of her small, uncharted hometown in Texas for her dream college in London, where she was going to share a rented apartment with two room mates. Lily was positive she was going to miss her folks terribly, but she was 18, it was high time she tried being independent.


Lily stood before the front door of her would-be apartment. Carefully, she shifted all her bags so she was carrying all of them with one hand. The bags she carried were piled on top of each other, obscuring Lily's view. The bags wobbled dangerously, threatening to tip over any second. Gingerly, Lily reached into her jacket pocket for her keys. "Do you need some help there?" A voice called out from behind her. To Lily's utter relief, some of the bags she was balancing in her arms were lifted from her. "Thank you, that was a really big help, I-" Lily smiled up gratefully at her savior, but halted mid-sentence. The boy who stood in front of her holding her stuff, was Dan Howell.

There was no doubt about it, Daniel freaking Howell, one of Lily's favorite Internet celebrities, was planted before her, living and breathing. Lily stared at his floppy brown hair, his bright brown eyes, even features and dimpled smile. It really was him.

Dan looked at the girl in front of him. Judging by the way she spoke, he knew she wasn't from England. She had ivory hued skin (I've always wanted to use that term, "ivory hued", XD), her long hair, which was dyed amber-red, was cut in a "scene" way. (I think you know what "scene" means, right? It is rather hard to describe a "scene" haircut. You might want to google it if you don't understand.) she had on a pair of geek specs, (I'll expect you to know what geek specs are. You would've been living under a rock for the past year if you don't. XD lol, I was kidding. ^^ geek specs are really cute glasses. Well, I think they're cute.) giving her an "adorkable" look. Behind the lenses were a pair of beautiful eyes. Those brown eyes held flecks of gold, and Dan liked the way the brown and gold swirled together continuously in a lovely pattern. Her pupils were ringed with a circle of lime green. She had the prettiest eyes Dan had ever seen, and she was, by all means, stunning. Dan felt his face heat up and he looked down, shuffling his feet, all of a sudden feeling shy and wuss-like.

"Aren't you Dan Howell?" Lily asked, hardly daring to breathe. She was hoping against hope that this wasn't a dream. "Yeah."Dan replied, a smile appeared on his face. So she knew who he was.

Lily stuck out a hand from beneath the heap of stuff she was holding on. Dan shook it. He felt warm and fluttery inside when he took her hand. "I'm Lily, I watch your videos- i'm a big fan, do you live close by?" Lily queried further. "I live right next door, we're going to be neighbors," Dan answered cheerfully. Lily gasped like a fish pulled out of water. "This is the best day ever!" She laughed, and Dan laughed, too. "Well, I guess I'll see you around, Dan." Lily smiled, giving a shy wave and walking into her apartment. Dan waved back as she closed the door. After she was gone, Dan spun in a giddy, happy circle, a smile emerging on his face once again.


None of her room mates had arrived yet and Lily had picked the bedroom at the far end of the apartment. Her room wasn't the largest, but she didn't mind, she had a breathtaking view of a field. Green plains rolled out in every direction. After putting down her things, Lily waltzed into the bathroom but came to a halt at the sight of her reflection in the mirror. Silently, she shut the bathroom door so she stood in the toilet, alone.

Lily was pretty, she had delicate features, and was forever radiating an aura of warmth, joy, friendliness. Anybody who didn't like Lily had something wrong with them. But Lily failed to see that in herself. She lifted up the corner of her shirt to reveal milky pale skin. Was it her, or was she getting fat? (It was just her, of course. In actual, she is really skinny.)

Lily crouched down before the toilet bowl, and slowly placed two fingers in her mouth. What followed was a violent retching. (I don't want to go into detail of Lily's vomiting, I'm sorry.)

Lily had a secret: she had been feeling insecure about herself, and she had been using the two-finger treatment.

*** a Two-finger treatment is when someone jams two fingers down her throat so she vomits out what she eats. People who use the two-finger treatment usually have insecurities about their body/weight and they believe throwing up what they eat would help keep them skinny.

I bet no one will read this. (;_;)

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