Chapter One

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Quotes from the manga are used along with names from the American release and English Translation-


"The Squid Sisters are coming to you live..."

Aloha pinched his visor and tugged at it, sliding it to the tip of his forehead. Bright pink ink swished in its glass cylinder prison with every movement. He wiped his sweaty palms on his sky blue Aloha shirt before nestling the strap of the ink tank into his shoulder.

"PINK TEAM VERSUS BLUE TEAM!" The speakers pounded.

Callie sealed her lips around her bamboo straw. She slurped the coconut milk as she buried her back into the fold-out chair. Marie paused as her mouth gaped open to speak into the microphone.

"Callie," Marie spoke.

Callie poked her head up, the straw dangling between her lips. "Oh, right! Sorry, Marie!"

"READY?" The Squid Sisters gripped their microphones and shouted. "GO!"

Stretched high above the arena stood Army. He stuffed his hands behind his back and arched his eyes onto the two teams. His vision locked onto each individual player. Past the black railing was Mahi-Mahi Resort. The arena was trapped inside a squid shaped pool of water.

Deep blue ink hastily began to spread, swarming the bottom area. Army squinted his eyes to see two small shapes racing ahead. Headphones and BobbleHat of Team Blue taking over as little as they could. Tracing the arena, Army caught Team Pink in the opposite corner. Aloha was taking the lead. His tanned fingers curled around his .52 Gal, his eyes pinned on the light grey square tiles that popped from the floor.


With a bat of his eyes, Army snapped back into focus. He squeezed his eyes closed and gave his head a light shake. Pinning his eyes on Aloha he asked, "Yes, Forge?"

Forge curled her fair chocolate fingers around her wrist and held her hands behind her back. She nestled them into her bottom back, straightening herself. Briefly brushing his arm with her shoulder as she fixed her arms. His chest puffed out as he turned to face her. Their neon orange eyes hooking onto each other. She clicked the heels of her White Punk boots together.

Her eyes screamed the color orange like her tentacles that dangled from her beret. Overtop of her deep grey button-up was a lighter grey Forge Octarian Jacket. Peeking from the bottom were black shorts with a neon orange stripe running down the side.

"Do you think the Pink Team will lose to the Blue Team?" She asked.

Army buried his hand into his deep army green parka, as he pulled his hand out a brown book was pinched between his fingers. Relaxing the manual's spine on his middle finger, he began to flip through the pages.

"Team Blue's moves aren't from strategies- they're ridiculous," Army explained as he flicked the page away.


Their heads perked up and locked onto Aloha. While firing ink he was sliding through the resort with the rest of Team Pink following. A smirk smeared across his lips as he rolled past Headphones. As he kicked off the ground, unraveling from a ball he fired.

"HEADPHONES HAS BEEN HIT!" Marie announced.

Aloha raised the .52 Gal. Steadying his finger on the trigger he paused. Green and orange blurred the corner of his eye. His eyes widened as his Crazy Arrows slipped in the ink.

"Yo Aloha! That was so uncool, ladies are watching." Diver shouted back at him.

"Uncool? I'm always the coolest," Aloha exclaimed.

He passed a glance to Army as he began to hop back into the beat. Pinching the tip of his visor, he snugged it over his eyes.

"It's not like Aloha to get offbeat," Forge spoke.

Army nodded, "He seemed distracted."

Forge nodded in agreeance.

She unraveled her fingers around her wrist and slowly dragged her hand away. The tip of her fingers tingled as she reached for Army's arm.


Her heart leaped over a beat. Hastily her hand flew back to her wrist. Their chests faced the railing as they leaned over to the arena. The top half was devoured in pink as the center was overtaken by blue.

Callie squealed, "What are the results, Judd?"

Judd wobbled between the two teams. The black and white cat dug his paw into his suit and ripped out a vibrant blue flag.


"They even managed to beat the Pink Team."

A breath whistled from Army as he barely peeled his lips apart. "Team Blue is a mystery."

Army paused, his heels clicking together. His fin flinched as he picked up Aloha's sing-song voice. His orange eyes rolled from the center to the corner. Aloha's figure bouncing in his sight.

" 'I shouldn't really have been comparing relationships in the first place...' "

A twist swirled in his gut. He drove his fists into his back and continued walking down the steps. Relationships. The word tumbled in his thoughts.

Forge glanced up at Army, "Captain? Is everything alright?"

He gave her a slight nod before dropping to the next step. 

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