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Tyler Fazbear

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I swear to God this took way too long. Anyways, it was inspired by Brotato's FNAF hide and seek with Sky, Okward, Jinbop, and Kyle.(Sorry if I forgot anyone!) Believe it or not, this started out as a chibi mix of Freddy and Tyler. But then I realized I like creepy things a lot better than chibis, it's more my style. So then this happened... I might have overdone it with the blood a bit >~<" oops. Whatever, I like it ^-^. I called him Tyler Fazbear, I was having kind of a brain fart for names. I am still taking requests, but I'm not sure if my comments are working properly, so please leave a comment AND PM me if you request something. It would be super helpful if you did!!! Thanks guys! BTW what looks like regular pencil is supposed to be silver colored pencil, my phone camera isn't the best, sorry. The silver are his robot parts, and metal/circut boards attached onto him, that's why there is blood there.

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