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My Search

Josef Ben-Eliezer

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In this great confusion there are innocent people with pure hearts who are at a loss, shaken

by what they see, who ask with pain and sorrow: "Where will our help come from? Who will

guide us and give us an example through their life, by their behaviour? Who can we follow?"

Young and old search for true light with deep longing, wrestling with their doubts.

N a t a n H o f s h i , I s r a e l i p a c i f i s t ( 1 8 8 9 - 1 9 8 0 )


1. Earliest Memories / 1

2. Rozwadów - Life in the Stetl / 3

3. Religious Life / 7

4. Refugees / 10

5. Exiled to Siberia / 15

6. Samarkand - Hunger and Disease / 22

7. The Teheran Children / 26

8. Palestine / 30

9. At the School of Agriculture / 34

10. The Search Begins / 38

11. Fighting for the Land / 43

12. A Reunion / 50

13. The Search Continues / 53

14. The Paris Group / 56

15. Breakthrough / 62

Postscript / 67

More Free eBooks / 69

1. Earliest Memories

I was born in July 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany. My parents were Eastern

European Jews who had come several years earlier from Poland. Unlike

the Jews who had lived for generations in Germany, they knew little or

nothing about German culture, like Goethe and Schiller. The German Jews

were wealthier, better educated and patriotic; they considered themselves a

real part of German society. But we did not feel so much at home there.

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