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The sun rested over the horizon.
I don't remember a sunset being this beautiful before.
I remember watching sunsets while in the trees. I loved climbing trees. If I needed a break from the world, I'd climb the old oak and look off in the distance, not a troubling thought in mind.
I wonder if it's still there.
But I have no idea how to get there. Or where I am right now. I only know that the Safe Haven is North.
I laid against a tree gazing into the calming scene ahead of me, collecting my thoughts.

I'm free. After all these years, I'm finally free.

Not safe yet.
But free.

One step at a time.
God, I sound like my mother... I miss her.

I remember people talking about a "safe haven" for creatures like us around the facilities. Some claim that it's under the North star.
No one really knows if the Safe Haven actually exists, or if it was made up to give us, "experiments" false hope. But it's the only chance I go.

I realized that the peach-colored sky turned to a gorgeous twilight. The sky was dusted with bright, vibrant stars.
My eyes landed on the bright Northern Star.
I moved to get up.
That was a mistake.
My body sent painful waves of protests everywhere.
Today, I learned two things
1. How to escape a maximum security facility
2. After hours of running, I can feel every muscle in my body on fire.

I can travel tomorrow. I need to rest so I can have a chance to live tomorrow.
But I can't sleep out in the open like this.
What if I sleep in a tree? Like back in the good ole days?
I search for low branches that I can climb up.
I spotted an oak tree large enough to climb up and thick branches to support me.
Just like my childhood.
I smiled to myself a little bit.
My body was still in a painful protest, I grabbed hold of a limb and started to scale up the tall tree.
I sat on a thick branch and looked at the beautiful crescent moon.
If this was the last thing I saw before falling to my death.
I'd be fine.
I looked at the North Star one last time before closing my eyes and letting the night breeze soothe me to sleep.

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