Jon Point of View

I woke up to my phone buzzing in my pocket. I pulled it out slowly and saw a text from Lindsey.
(L is Lindsey, J is Jon, E is Emile,)

L: Hey can I go over to a friends house?
J: Fine with me, as long as your back home by 5, 6 at the latest.
L: Alright. Thank you!

I smiled and put my phone on the table and wrapped my hands around Emile's waist again, Pulling him closer to my chest.
He snuggled deeper into my chest and murmured something I don't think he wanted me to hear.
"Love you... Jon."
Lindsey Point of View
Alright my.... Dad said I could go to your house after school." I whispered to Cole so nobody could hear me.
"Sweet!" He almost yelled but since we were in the classroom he couldn't.

•after School•
I started walking out of the school. Cole was waiting by the fro t door, looking at his phone. Before I could get to him, The bitch came over and Shoved her boobs in his face!
"You look terrified!" I signed to him, laughing. He rolled his eyes and shoved Amy away from him.
He walked over to me and put his arm around my shoulder and moved me closer to him. I could feel the blush spread on to my face.

"I don't fucking like you! I never will like you! So leave me the fuck alone!!!" Cole almost scream, I was busy signing Amen over and over again.
She huffed, gave us the middle finger and left. We started walking to Coles house, having a normal conversation. Cole never moved his arm from my shoulder.
More fluffiness and Emile confessing in his sleep.. kinda. ^*^
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