Alex's POV

After my talk with Emily I thought about my situation. How my parents, really important people in France were neglecting their own daughter. They were so full of shit and hypocrites and that pissed me off. My mother had the guts to tell the press that I was taking a 'break' from all the craziness there is in our world, if they only knew. I haven't seen my brother since I was 10 when we went to England to Oxford and my parents won't let him come visit me, although James promised me that as soon as he could he would sneak to come here and see me. I love him so much, I first came out to him and he supported me like nobody ever has.

I was now walking towards Melissa's classroom and honestly I was scared. I decided that whatever happens in our talk, happens. Maybe, just maybe she might understand. I can't believe I was about to open up to someone about this, but I just felt like I could, I heard a voice in my head that told me to trust her and now Emily told me that I should and she was pretty serious about it, so I guess maybe I should, right?

Yes Alex, you should and I'm glad you listened. Don't get used to it. I won't.

I rounded the corner and Melissa's classroom came into view. I was growing nervous, like really nervous but suddenly all I saw was darkness. I was confused for a couple seconds but then realized there were fingers covering my eyes.

"Guess who?" I know that voice too well. And you know she's trouble Alex. Probably but I like trouble and she's hot.

"Hey Lucy" I said turning around and forgetting about Melissa for now.

"You haven't called me" She said pouting but smiling with her eyes if that makes sense.

I placed my hand on her hip and got even closer. "Well I've been kinda busy"

"Yeah and you forgot about me" Oh I wouldn't. Lucy and I were... we were... complicated. She wasn't my girlfriend I don't do relationships. She was more like a fuck buddy. And we haven't fucked in a while.

I placed my other hand on her other hip and brought my lips to her ear whispering slowly. "Let me make it up to you" And I could feel her melt under me, this girl was definitely something.

Yes! She's trouble, now get my hands off that slut! Jesus chill.

"And when would that be?" I lowered my lips to her neck and kissed it before replying.

"How about I go to your place today?" But before she could answer me, I heard that angelic voice that was managing to drive me crazy.

"Ms. Fields I suggest you come inside the classroom now before the tardy bell sounds. I'm sure your conversation can wait" Sassy, I like it. I looked back at Lucy who was more than pissed now so I did what I had to, to take that frown off her face.

I pecked her lips before saying good bye and heading to class.


In class Melissa seemed annoyed and I don't know why. Maybe she was on her period.

"Start packing guys" Melissa said and I just stayed on my chair while everyone else started packing their stuff since I promised Melissa I would stay after class.

The last student was out the door and Melissa remained on her desk. Didn't want to talk to me? Well here I am.

I waited for five minutes and all I could see was annoyance in her face. She basically begged me to stay after class and she was bitching me out? Eventually got tired of waiting and I stood up, shoved my books in my bag. Now I was pissed. I mean I even considered opening up to a woman I barely know and now she was behaving like this.

"Where are you going?" She asked while I packed my stuff.

"Out since you seem to have better things to do like, nothing, nothing and oh yeah fucking nothing!" I didn't mean to be so rude but oh well I was pissed. "So excuse me if I don't want to stare at you, I have better things to do too" I started pacing to the door wanting to leave when Melissa called.

"Wait Alex!" I ignored her and kept walking but then felt a strong grip on my arm that spun me around. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to be rude. I just... it's just that I'm a little..." If she was at a lost of words I'll give her a hand.

"Bitchy? Yeah I noticed" I have to remember she was my teacher, not a peer and I practically just called her a bitch.

"I don't know I just don't feel good" She seemed honest about that and suddenly all my rage was replaced by another feeling I wasn't familiarized with. It looked like there was something bothering her but this morning she was just fine and then I felt bad for being so rude.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to call you a bitch, I guess I'm in a bitchy mood too" She smiled a little when she noticed I wasn't pissed anymore. And that's when I noticed she still had her hand on my arm, gripping me hard and preventing me from leaving, not that I would. She noticed to and quickly released me and that's when I felt something on my arm, like it was burning and my face too, I found myself missing her touch.

"What happened to your hand?" She said. You had to really come close to see that it was in fact hurt, not even Emily noticed, after I punched the wall Saturday morning I almost broke it, it still hurts but it looked way better than it was on Sunday.

"I punched a wall and got hurt. Nothing to worry about" I saw something in her eyes change when I told her those words, it looked like... sadness? I'm not good at reading people.

"It was because of what I asked you wasn't it?" I froze. How could she know? I looked at her with surprise written all over my face and then I looked down trying to hide how much it hurt remembering anything that had to do with my family.

"Yeah" I barely got out of my lips. It was like a whisper, barely audible but we were pretty close now, so I'm sure she heard me.

"I'm sorry Alex I didn't me-"

"Don't. It's not your fault," I said trying to hold the tears that were threatening to come out. "You didn't know"

Then I felt her hand reach to my chin and lift my head up.

"If you ever need to talk to someone or need help, I'm here ok?"

I couldn't speak. And I couldn't breathe anymore. The air here was full of Melissa's intoxicating perfume as her blue eyes studied me.

All I could do was nod in response.

This was so overwhelming. Her, the woman whose blue eyes hunted me in my dreams, the woman who's scent was like a drug to me and last but so not least the woman who happens to be my teacher, being so close to me making my knees go weak. And all the memories from my family, my parents, making my blood boil. My grandmother making me sad because I couldn't see her as much as I'd like to and t my brother giving me some hope that one day I'll see him again. All these emotions where mixed and concentrated in one place.


They were driving me insane and I needed to get out of here. So I did.

"I'm sorry I need to go" And I did. I went to my bike and drove until the sun was bringing joy and warmth to another continent and the beautiful darkness of the moon shone in the city that didn't sleep.


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