Beach towels [GUIDE]: How to Choose the Best Beach Towels

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So much waiting, desired, longed for, summer has arrived

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So much waiting, desired, longed for, summer has arrived. You suffer from the heat in your office, and you constantly think about the weekend, when you can enjoy the sun in complete relaxation between a dip in the sea and an ice cream with friends. Are you thrilled by the idea of leaving for new destinations and sunny beaches? Buying the right beach towel well in advance will not make the dark clouds on the horizon go away but will allow you to make the best choice in time. Summer, time for beach holidays. Among the essential accessories for the beach, you cannot miss the beach towels, available in an infinite variety of patterns, colors, and materials.

We put everything that reminds us of the harsh winter in the closets, and we take out the beach accessories, ready for a new season of fun and surprises. Looking at the resources accumulated over the years, we realize that we need new large beach towels for adults and new beach towels for children. It is possible to choose beach towels for botch women and men of different sizes and able to reflect the taste and style of each, Perfect for the sea, The pool, or the spa.

But how to find your way around the various offers on the market and choose the best beach towel? Let's find out together!

Beach Towels: What Size?

The weight expresses the weight of the fabric used to make the sheet and affects its ability to absorb water. To be able to determine this element, it is necessary to read the product label or its technical specifications. The standard dimensions of a beach towel are about 90X180 cm, although it is also possible to find other sizes to satisfy every need.

Otherwise, it is possible to touch it to be able to perceive its softness to the touch, which often indicates its good ability to dry the body. If, on the other hand, the fabric is rough and not very thick, it may not be ideal for easy drying. Like all leisure accessories, the ideal beach towel should be comfortable but also beautiful.

The choice, of course, is subjective and varies according to the tastes and advantages that are sought from a beach towel.

Beach Towels: How to Choose The Right One?

Have you lost your towel, or do you think you want a newer one? Do not worry. With our guide, you will find what is right for you.

Microfiber Beach Towel

If until some time ago bath linen and beach towels were produced exclusively in terry, there is now a wide range of microfibre beach towels on the market.

Microfiber is an artificial fiber that combines two basic fibers: polyester and polyamide. This fabric, in fact, is perfect for those who want to travel light and enjoy the sea or the pool at any time and without stress, since the microfibre towels take up very little space and can be carried comfortably even in hand luggage.

Unlike natural fibers, it does not wrinkle and remains intact over time: this is why microfiber is used for household linen and many clothing products. It is configured as a good anti-sand beach towel. It is not essential to go hunting for the best brand to be sure of finding a good synthetic fiber product. They all have similar characteristics and good performance in all circumstances.

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