*Slash* ..::The Brothers ::.. [09]

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'What?' I demanded, staring at Alana.

 'It's not a real relationship,' she repeated, starting to walk again in the direction of the bus stop at the end of the street.

 'So it's what? Imaginary?' I rolled my eyes as I tripped along after her; she was taking large strides and I was having a little trouble keeping up. Both physically and mentally, it seemed.

 Alana raised her fist and knocked it gently against the side of my head a couple times. 'And you're supposed to be a genius,' she jibed, before turning the timetable on the bus stop bench to consult it about the next bus.

 'Just explain yourself,' I sighed.

 'They're faking. Don't you see? I mean firstly, Caleb told me he was going to a meeting with his employer. Then there's that weird thing about some guy obviously checking up on Vienna and reporting back to her dad. On top of which, Caleb looks at her like he completely detests her and he looks at you like he wants to put his dick in your ass, so, you know, I don't think he really likes her all that much.'

I blushed as soon as she said that last part and looked away, trying to hide it. I was supposed to get mad at her when she said shit like that, not drift off into a daydream about my brother...

'Hello?' Alana snapped her fingers in front of my face. 'Caught rotten,' she smirked, and I blushed harder as the bus pulled up in front of us and we got on. 'No Gladys this time,' Alana said sadly and I looked at her. 'The old lady,' she explained. 'I was calling her Gladys in my head.'

'Yeah, she looked like a Gladys,' I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. 'Can you please focus?'

'Can you?' she asked pointedly, widening her eyes.

'Why would Caleb go out with her if he didn't like her? It doesn't make any sense.'

Alana shrugged. 'I'll admit I haven't worked that one out yet. Maybe she's paying him?'

I elbowed her. 'My brother is not a whore!' I hissed angrily.

'Alright, alright, keep your socks on. Maybe she's blackmailing him!' Alana's eyes began to sparkle with excitement.

'What with? "Go out with me or I'll fire you"?'

She shrugged again. 'Maybe. You know how much Caleb thinks he needs a hundred different jobs to keep you in school.'

I looked at the floor of the bus guiltily.

'Oh, stop it,' Alana said, rolling her eyes. 'You'd get a job if he let you but he won't. It's his own doing. Right now, we need to concentrate on working out why Caleb is going out with her, and then how we can destroythem.' She smashed one fist into her open palm on the word "destroy". It was kind of scary, in a somewhat epic way. I felt energized.

'So we have a new mission?' I asked, grinning.

'We do.'


'How long were they there?' Vienna hissed at me as soon as Alana and Aiden were out of earshot. I was watching them go, looking at the way Aiden's tight skinny jeans curved around his ass as he walked... I snapped my attention back to "girlfriend".


'Has all that weed fried your brain?' she demanded angrily. 'How. Long. Were. They. There?'

I shrugged. 'How should I know? I can't see through big red banners any more easily than you can.'

Vienna was glaring at me but I couldn't have cared less.

'Come on,' she snapped eventually, getting up. 'I have an appointment at Tatu.' I stood up as well and tried not to flinch as she slipped her hand into mine, entwining our fingers.

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