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Jack quickly reaches down, pulls his pants up and goes toward the front door to help. I jump off the counter, grab my clothes, and run to the bathroom as fast as I possibly can. I quickly fix myself up, and sit down on the toilet. I need a minute to collect my thoughts because that shit was fucking crazy. My heart is pounding against my chest. What if he heard us? I think if he did he would come back here losing his mind, but what if he's too embarrassed to say anything. My thoughts are cut off when I hear someone knock at the door.

"Yeah?" I say nervously.

"It's me. Hurry open up." Jack says.

I open the door, and Jack quickly throws my underwear on the floor and runs back to the kitchen.

"Jane!?" I hear Josh call.

"She's in the bathroom." I hear Jack say.

"How do you know?" He asks.

"I seen her go in there."

"But I thought you were downstairs? You were down there, and ran up the steps, that's why you were out of breath. Right?"

"..Dude I don't know what the fuck you're getting at, but I was downstairs, I heard you come in, I ran up the steps, and when I got to the top she was walking past me. She's either in the bathroom, or doing laundry. She's been back there a while now, so I'm assuming she's not doing laundry."

I walk out the bathroom, and into the kitchen where everyone's at.

"I'm sorry, man." Josh says to Jack, and I give them a confused look even though I know damn well what he's apologizing for. I mentally praise Jack for knowing how to handle that situation. But then I think he knew a little too well how to handle that which makes me wonder how many times he's done that before.

"So are you guys ready to get this shit going?"



"Here take shot with me!" Jack says handing me a shot glass full of clear liquid.

"What is it?"


"Ok." I shrug. We hold our glasses up "What should we toast to?" I ask, and he leans in and whispers in my ear "What the fuck I'm going to do to you tonight." in a scratchy voice sending shivers down my spine, and causing me to blush.

He clanks his shot against mine, and throws it back, and I follow.

"Uck! What the fuck was that?"

"Amsterdam. I already told you."

"That was not vodka." I say still holding the disgusted expression on my face.

"No not Amsterdam vodka. Amsterdam gin."

"Oh fuck, no wonder!" I shout. "I need to stay the fuck away from that shit. That'll have me on my ass before it's even ten o'clock." I say.

"Well I need you around till your brother goes to bed." He says, and I blush again.

"Jane." Josh cuts in. We need to start being more careful or his ass is going to catch us saying, or doing something he doesn't need to hear or see us doing.

"Yeah?" I say turning my attention to Josh, and some short blonde guy.

"This is Jack." He says.

"Hi Jack, I'm Jane." I say, and stick my hand out.

He pulls me in, and hugs me. Jack- my Jack- Josh's Jack- the guy I've been fucking laughs I guess at my expression. I don't like being touched, believe it or not, and on top of that, I didn't expect him to hug me.

"It's me Jack!" He explains.

"Oh shit! Oh my god I didn't even recognize you!"

I can't believe I didn't recognize him we were pretty close when we were little. He used to be one of Josh's best friends he's closer to my age, like 18, so we hung out more than me, and Josh's other friends did.

"I can't believe how different you look!" I say.

"Yeah you too. You're all grown up now!"

"Johnson, man, come over here!" Someone yells.

"I'll be back. We'll catch up later." He says, and walks away.



I walk to the bathroom, handle my business then look in the mirror. I look kind of fucked up but not too bad. I look better than I feel. Not that I'm fucked up, or anything, but I've definitely got a strong buzz going. As I open the door to walk back out Jack pushes me in, and closes the door behind him.

"What're yo-" I'm cut off when Jack grabs my face, and crashes his lips to mine. I kiss him for a moment, and push him away.

"We can't do this now." I say, and he grabs my hand and moves it to his dick. I look into his eyes, they are bloodshot, and glassy, then I continue kissing him while gliding my fingertips up, and down his shaft.

"Hey is anyone in here?" Someone knocks, and begins opening the door. That sounded like Josh!

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