What's wrong with this place

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Hi guys you know, I don't own BNHA, but if I did alot of things would be different. Anyways have a great read.
"So, you villains have a choice, go to u.a. for rehabilitation or spend the rest of your sorry lives in prison for ever. Which one will it be?"


When they were done doing, you know. The boy again just glared back up at me with a monotone look. Ok, is this kid fucking bipolar or something. While the blonde girl had a flushed face with a dazed smile on her face. Then the one with black hair was laughing his ass off.

I feel like they did this only to mess with us only.

Then all of a sudden the room is filled with laughter of all the three villains. Seems like the other two joined their friend.

Yep definitely fucking with us.


So your name is Izuku Midoriya, age 16, quirk Joker: User has a stack of cards that they can benefit from. They could help the user in any situation. The user could never lose the pack of cards, because it repairs right next to then everytime. So far user has 156 cards in the deck. And finally mental health statements are all correct? Is this all true?" Nezu asked eyeing the boy.


'UA here I come. I follow the hobo hero inside the school. This should be interesting.'
Deku's P.O.V
Once we went inside we headed straight to our supposed new dorms. We past alot of hallways and staircases on the way. I knew U.A was extra, but damn, this is over excessive. Then we went over to a separate building and went inside. *Tour of all the building and stops at 6F dorm room.*

"Ok, problem children, the dorms all the way on top, 6F is yours. You will be joining the rehabilitation program in class 1a, my class. The uniform should be on the commons room couch in your dorms. Your stuff is already placed in your rooms and so are buckets of paint, to decorate them, knock yourself out, for all I care. But the only exception is blood, fake or real, I'm talking to you toga. Tommorow, while I tell my class about the program, all might will come pick you up and escort you to the class. Then you'll just wait, until I call you in. Ok, I'm done you tell them the rest, all might, I'm going to sleep" 
aizawa sounded so done with this. I mean who could blame him.

He then proceed to magically disappear and the reappear in a yellow sleeping bag and roll his way out of the room. Guess this school isn't so bad after all.

"So..., are you going to tell us something or just exit the way your hero friend did" Dabi said getting kind of annoyed. I mean, shit might was literally just staring at us.

"So... I'll guess we'll be leaving guys, let's go" I signal to our rooms

"Wait!, wait, you have your own bathrooms and common rooms, as your heard from aizawa, and the young heroes won't be back from class in 5 hours so you can explore your dorms. Us teachers  have key cards to unlock your dorms at any time. You have your own key cards on the table inside. Nobody can unlock your rooms unless they have it. Their is also a lock on the elevator for any one who tries to come to your dorms. The pin should be on a sticky note on the fridge Uh.. have a nice day?" With that he dashed out of dorms and just left us their.

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