A/n pt2

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Hey guys!

I wanted to thank you guys for 13.8k reads!!

I know this book is kinda messy but I'm glad you guys still rock with it!

I read every comment and appreciate every vote!


I am working on the next chapter but I'm tryna figure out how I will wrap this up with a bow since we are a couple chapters til the end of Quinn's story

Also my mental health has been real bad for the past few weeks. So it might take me a few days to a week to write a new chapter

But I have 3 chapters written for Taemins story

Which will be titled


And will take place 18 years in the future

And I hope you guys will enjoy that book as much as you enjoyed this book

It'll be a little more messy

Thank you guys for all the support and love on this book

Til the next chapter


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