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Everybody leaves, and I go off to straighten up the house. I go into the kitchen to clean up the mess in there, and take something out for dinner. I stand at the sink cleaning dishes, deep in my own mind when I feel arms around my waist, and a hand sliding down my pants. I quickly turn to see Jack standing behind me with a grin on his face.
"I thought everyone was gone." I say, and he grabs my waist hard, and pulls me toward him. He crashes his lips to mine, and kisses me roughly, biting, and tugging on my bottom lip.

"We can't. They'll be back soon." I say, and begin to pull away.

"There's plenty of time." He insists.

"Besides.. My legs still hurt." I say feeling like a pussy, and he smiles real big. I guess he feels proud, I don't know.

He brings his lips back to mine and mumbles "Fuck through the pain. You know you want to." He says causing me to smile. I bring my hand to the crotch of his pants, and stroke gently from the outside, and soon I can feel him growing under my touch. He quickly lifts me up, and sits me on the counter before he undoes my bra, but leaves it on me along with my shirt, then lifts them both up over my breast, and brings his tongue to my nipple.

"Mmm.." I moan as he flicks his tongue repeatedly on my nipple. "God, you have no idea how good this feels." I groan. He pulls away and spits on the nipple he was just licking, then brings his thumb up, and begins rubbing my nipple in a circular motion, while now licking, and nibbling on the other. He rests his free hand on my hip, and rubs it gently up, and down. I slide my hands down to the hem of my jeans, and begin unbuttoning them. Jack pulls away to give me room, and as soon as they're unbuttoned he grabs the hem of them, and I lift up so he can easily slide my jeans, and underwear down my legs. He brings his hand down between my legs and begins rubbing gently, gradually picking up speed. "God you're so wet." He whispers.

"We gotta hurry." I manage to moan out. "God, I want you fuck me. They'll be home soon." I moan.

"You just can't wait for me to fuck you, can you?" He says in a soft voice with a grin just before he removes his hand, and sticks his fingers in his mouth, licking them clean. He then quickly unbuttons, and removes his jeans, and boxer briefs. He pulls me slightly closer, and positions himself in between my legs before shoving himself completely inside me. I throw my head back in pleasure as he continues to thrust in, and out of me hard, and fast. This mixed with, the burn I feel in my legs feels a lot better than you'd think. I grip the edge of the counter as hard as I can, trying hard to stabilize myself physically, and mentally.

"Fuck right there! Ooh don't stop!" I moan. "Fuuuuuck." Just as I'm about to loose my self completely I hear Josh yell "Hey can you guys help?!"

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