Chapter 7: UA

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I got up extra early and got ready for school.I put on the uniform,the skirt was a little to short for my liking and with my tail it was even more short, so I wore shorts under.He wasn't home because he had something to do,so I made myself breakfast.I made myself waffles and put wip cream and syrup.I put (cats name)'s food in (her/his) bowl.I sat down and ate my delicious waffles.I washed my dish and put it away,then went to the bathroom.I brushed my hair and teeth,I got my backpack and wore it.I kissed (cats name) on (her/his) forehead as goodbye.I locked all the doors and went into the garage.I looked at my inventions, which one should I start taking to school.I then decided to take the motorcycle .

I then decided to take the motorcycle

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I then got my helmet and put it on.

I got my keys and started the motorcycle

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I got my keys and started the motorcycle.I pressed a button and the garage door opened.I rode out and pressed the button again than it closed.I felt the wind going past me as I rode.I than made a turn and kept going straight.I saw U.A ahead and smirked,I went to the parking lot and parked.I got off and took off my helmet,I than put it in my backpack.I took out the keys and locked it down so no one damages or takes it.I put my keys in my backpack pocket and made my way to the entrance.I looked around for class 1-A,I saw it and stood infront of it,dang that's a big door.I than opened it,and looked at my new class.I saw the boy with glasses from the exam lecturing Bakugo.I should have known he'd be here.I looked for a seat and saw one,I than set my backpack down before he notices me.Than the door opened to reveal Izuku and a girl.Its about time he talked to other girls besides his mom or me.Than a yellow catapiller appeared,"It took you 8 seconds to quit down".He than unzipped his Sleeping bag and took out a uniform,"Change into these and meet me outside",this is going to be interesting.I took one and followed the other girls.I got my locker and changed into the uniform,it was kinda tight in the chest area.I put on my shoes and walked out to the door.I made my way to the crowd and looked at him,he looks familiar.I activated it a little bit, Eraserhead quirk:Erase.I deactivated it,this will be helpful in situations.He called up Katsuki,"How far did you throw in middle School","60 meters I think","now try with your quirk".He grabbed the ball and threw it saying,"DIE"!!!my poor ears.He than looked at the device,"705.6 meters".Then there was a bunch of wows and one said,"This looks fun",than he glared,"You think this is fun,than whoever gets last place will be expelled".They froze and looked worried.I turned on my lie detector,it beeped it was a lie.He probably said it to make us work harder and try our best, interesting.

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