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I gather myself, and quickly get dressed. I walk back into the bathroom, to do my makeup. When I'm finished I take a last look in the mirror, and decide that I'm going to leave my hair natural.

When I walk into the dining room I see Josh, Sammy, and that dude sitting at the table. I look around the table, and my eyes stop on Dude who is already looking at me. He winks at me and I quickly turn my head.

"Hey, I was just about to come get you." Josh says. "I made breakfast. Well lunch."

"Ok cool." I say. So I guess he doesn't know anything. Not that it's really all that big of a deal but I don't want Josh to know the shit I do, especially not with his friend. He has this friend Nate, and he used to flirt with me all the time. He's real good looking, I liked him a lot but Josh noticed how 'friendly' we were with each other, and stopped having Nate come around. They're still friends, and shit. He just doesn't like him around me.

I make my plate, and join them at the dining room table. The only available seat is next to that dude.

"So where's Sabrina?" I ask Sammy.

"She's still asleep." He responds.

"Man I had so much fun last night." I begin. "I was FUCKED up." I laugh, and suddenly feel a hand reach in between my legs. I try to shoo the hand away but he won't move it. I look nervously at Josh to make sure he isn't looking, then I grab my fork, and stab the dude's hand with it. He jerks back causing everyone to look at him.

"You good, Bro?" Sammy asks.

"Yeah I- yeah I'm good."

"So have you met Jack?" Josh asks me, nodding toward the guy beside me.

"Oh, no. Hi Jack." I say, and stick my hand out. "I'm Jane."

"Nice to meet you." He smiles, and shakes my hand.

"Wait, this isn't the Jack you were telling me about is it?" I ask Josh. "I don't recognize him at all." I'm really trying to play this off.

"Nah, that's not him. That Jack wasn't here. He's supposed to tonight."

"Who Jack J.? Sammy asks.

"Yeah." Josh says.

"Another party?" I ask.

"Yeah the snow is really accumulating so I figured we'd all pitch in, get a shit load of liquor, load up on weed, and anything else we need, and just get snowed in here. Fuckin party."

"Sounds good." I say, and take the last bite of my eggs.

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