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I stand up, and throw a tshirt, and a clean pair of panties on before turning on my lamp. When I do I finally see what he looks like, he is fucking gorgeous.

"What the fuck? Why did you turn that lamp on? I'm trying to fall asleep." He says.

"You're not sleeping in my bed. What the fuck?"

"What do you mean I can't sleep in your bed?"

"I mean exactly what I just said; you're not sleeping in my bed."

"Well why the fuck not?" He says now sliding out the bed, and putting his clothes back on.

"I don't even know you." I explain.

He walks up to me, and squeezes my ass. "You knew me well enough to let me fuck the shit out of you." He whispers in my ear, it sends shivers down my spine.

With that he turns around, and leaves. As soon as he does I go behind him, and lock my bedroom door. I feel like if I hadn't, his ass would be back in here. If Josh finds out that any of that shit went on, he's going to flip the fuck out.

I lay in bed thinking about what just happened, and how fucking beautiful that guy is. I fall asleep in hopes that, that guy has enough sense not to tell Josh.



I wake up the next morning, smoke my morning cigarette, and immediately jump in the shower. I reek of alcohol, and cigarettes. As soon as I slide out if the bed I feel this immense pain in my thighs. The skin feels bruised. It wasn't until I was in the shower that I remembered having sex with that guy last night, and when I remember I immediately start to worry again.

I quickly finish up my shower, and get out so I can see if Josh knows anything. Though, if Josh did know anything, he would have come upstairs the minute he found out. I don't fucking know. I exit the bathroom that is connected to my bedroom, wrapped in only a towel. When I turn the corner facing my bed I see that guy from last night, sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Good morning sunshine." He says, and smirks.

"What are you doing in here? I thought I locked my door."

When I say that he pulls me in between his legs by my waist, and kisses my neck. I start to push him away but he pulls me closer, and starts licking, and sucking my neck.

"Uh hmm." I moan. "Don't leave a hickey." I whisper. He slides my towel off my body, and begins caressing my breast, kissing, and licking his way down.

"I gotta lock my door-"

"Already did." He mumbles against my nipple.

He then pulls me on stop of him so that I'm straddling him. The amount of pain I feel in my inner thighs makes this extremely uncomfortable, and painful. I roll off of him, and lay on my back. He stands up, and quickly undresses before laying in between my legs. He begins kiss my neck, and massaging my breast.

"I don't think I can do this again." I say.

"Why not?"

"My legs hurt so bad from last night." I explain, and he smiles. He scoots down off the bed, and pulls me so that my ass is right at the edge. He spreads my legs slightly, and places his hands at the base of my thighs.

"Did I hurt you?" He says kissing my inner thigh. "I'm sorry." He mumbles against my leg, kissing down to the crease between my leg. Right before he gets there he switches legs, kissing and licking his way back down. Before I know it he sticks his tongue in my slit, and drags his tongue all the way up to my clit, then back down.

"Mmm." I moan.

He does that slowly a few times, then picks up a little speed.

"Mm god. Feels so good." I moan.

He brings his middle finger to my pussy, and begins pumping in, and out, as he continues to eat me out. He licks up, and down now paying special attention to my clit.

"Shit." I moan, bucking my hips. "Fuck..mmm."

He doesn't break from what he's doing.. So well, sending me over the edge. I screw my eyes shut, and rock my hips quickly up, and down. He lays his free arm across my lower stomach to hold me down. "I'm cumming! Shit!" I yell as quietly as I can, but he doesn't stop, causing my entire body to quiver. He gently licks me a few more times before standing up, then crawling on to the bed. I close my eyes, and try to catch my breath for a few moments. When I open my eyes back up I see him stroking his dick. His eyes are closed, and his head it resting on the wall behind my bed. I crawl beside him on all fours, and take his dick into my hand. I gather saliva in my mouth, and spit on his dick to make it wet. I pump slowly up, and down his long shaft before taking him in my mouth. As soon as I do I feel his hand slide gently up, and down my slit. I'm still a little sore, and I guess he could tell the way I winced when he touched me. After a few moments he goes back in massaging my core, I spread my legs a little, and arch my back to allow him more access. He sticks one finger in me like he had before, and pumps in, and out of me. He then slips a second finger in causing me to moan all over his dick.

"Mm does that feel good?" He whispers, and I moan.

I take him deeper, and deeper into my mouth so that I'm now deep throating him. He stops fingering me and places his hand on my back, digging into my skin when I take him in deep.

"Fuck." He moans, and bucks his hips which causes me to just about fucking lose it.

"Shit.. Mm. I'm gonna cum baby. Shit." He moans, and that drives me wild. I take him as deep as I possibly can, and he explodes in my mouth.

He slides down and lifts my leg over his head so that I'm straddling his face. He licks me fast, and begins to finger me again, and I can't last much longer. Before I know it I'm cumming again. He licks me clean before gently tossing me off of him.

We lay there silently for a few moments, before he gets dressed, and leaves.

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