Chapter 5 - Niall has enough courage

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I was jumping on the inside with hapiness.

“Really?” I wisphers with tears in my eyes.

“Really!” Katia says, holding my hand.

“Well ok. I bring you the food! Please sit on the table in this room.” I say, pointing at the room which my family and I call party-room.

“I help you.” Niall says and walks in my direction, while the others go into the party-room. The last was Nicola, before she walks into the room she turns around and winks at me with a cheeky grin.

“So let’s bring them the food, before they starve to death.” Niall smiles.

“Ok.” I replied, laughing.

“I hope you like pasta.”

“Of course! Oh.. mmhh.. it smells really good!” He says.

“Thanks. Well you carry this pot and I this.” I say.

“Yes Madam!” He answers, like I’m his boss.

I laugh.

I seize the one pot, but Niall grabs the same. So he holds my hands in his.

Wow, his hands are warm and soft.

“Well this is the wrong pot. This is your!” I nod in the others pot direction.

“Ups sorry.” He laughs, but his hands still hold mine.

“Dodo I must tell you something-“

“Hey what takes so long?” Liam interrupts Niall. “We’re hungry.”

“Oh sorry.” Niall mumble and grabs the other pot. He walks out of the kitchen.

“What was this?” Liam asks me.

“Nothing.” I answer and walk out of the kitchen, Liam follows me.

When we walk into the party-room, Niall looks out of the window.

“Sorry that it takes so long, but it gave a little misunderstanding.” I say.

After we finish dinner, we watch a movie.. But I didn’t really understand what the film is about.. because the only thing I can think about is what Niall wanna tell me…


I hate Liam! Why must he come into the kitchen, when I have enough courage to tell Doreen about my feelings?

I can’t look into her eyes, while the dinner.

After we finished dinner, we watched a movie. But I can’t consentrade on the film, because Doreen sits before me…

She looks so beautiful. Her long brown hair is straight, she has beautiful blue eyes.. everything about her is beautiful and her blue dress, wonderful! I never met a girl like her before…

“Hey Niall… Niall.. snap out of it!” Katia says.

“Heh.. what?” I say.

“We asked you, what we will do next. Watch another movie or go to bed.”

“Hmm.. well.. I don’t know. Is someone tired?” I say.

“Yeah, I.” Doreen says and yawned. “A bit.” She smiles.

“Well, so we can go to bed and talk a little bit, till we all fall asleep.” I say.

“That’s a good idea.” Katia replied.

“Ok, but we sleep in different rooms. Nicola and Katia sleep in mine and you guys must sleep in my parents room, because there isn’t enough space for all in my room.” Doreen says.

“That’s no problem. We boys can come at first in your room and go later in our… but only if you want!” Harry says.

“Yeah, that’s ok.” She replied. “Well you can carry your things in your room and then come to mine. My parents room is the second on the left side and mine is the first on the left.” Doreen says and pointed at the two doors.

“Ok, give us 15 minutes and we’ll come.” Liam says.

So we boys go into our room.

“This is the room from her parents, isn’t it?” I ask.

“Yes.” Harry replied.

“But why haven’t they some pictures or clothes here?” I say. “It looks like nobody live in it!”

“Mmhhh… maybe Doreen clears all the things away?” He answered.

“No I don’t think so…”

“However! Unpack your things and hurry up, we have only 10 minutes left!” Liam says.

We knock at Doreen’s door. “Come in!” A voice says, I think it was Doreen’s.

Louis opens the door.

Wow! It’s a great room with a big window. On the left side stands her bed and a wardrobe. On the right side were a desk and a cabinet with pics and.. wow.. many cups in it!

“Hey Dodo, where got you all these cups?” I ask.

“Oh I won them on some contests I took part.”

“Which contests?”

“Well I do gymnstics.” She says.

“Awwh great! You must show us someday, how you do gymnastics!” Katia smiles.

“Hmmm.. maybe.” She answered.

“Oh come on! Promise it!” Nicola says.

“If you like… I promise that I’ll show you someday how I do gymnastics.” Doreen replied.

“Yay!” I say.

“Which kind of sport do you do?” She asks.

“Well we boys play football.” I answered.

And so Louis talks and talks about football…

But I still look at Doreen… till she noticed that and smiles at me.

After few hours we all feel so tired, so we boys go back to our room.

“Night girls.” I say.

“Night boys.” Doreen replied and laughs.

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