Chapter 5 - Niall has enough courage

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I prepare the last things for my party. I lay the table and put all the food on it.

I hope that I haven’t forgot a thing… I’m so nervous!

My dress lay on my bed, it’s blue and I bought it yesterday with Katia.

After I put it on, I go to the bathroom and brush my hairs. I also put one’s make-up on.

A few minutes later the door bell rings. I take a last look into the mirror and open the door. Liam and Nicola were the first who arrived. I lead them into the the living room. After I give them a drink, the door bell rings again – it were Katia, Zayn and Louis.

“Hey, great that you come.” I welcome them with a hug. I lead them also into the living room and give them a drink. The door bell rings. Niall and Harry arrived at least.

After all sit down in the living room, I was really happy.

“Ok guys, thank you all for coming! I hope you’ll like it here.”

“Of course we’ll! And now we have a surprise for our cute hostess, please sit down boo.” Nicola says.

I’m feeling a little bit nervouis now, but also excited for what will happen now!

“Well we all wanna thank you for beeing such a great friend!” Niall says and shows me that smile I love so much.

OMG. He’s so cute.

“And so we thought to give you a present.” Katia says.

“But why? We only know eachother for 1 week!” I replied.

“Yeah, but since we meet you, our lifes changed in a good way!” Nicola says.

I couldn’t hold my tears back any longer… I start crying.

“Hey boo, is everything ok?” Katia asks me.

“No not really..” I say. “Because you do so much for me! And I… nothing.”

“Hey! This isn’t right! Look what you do for us!” Lou says, pointing at the table.

“You prepare this party and invites us. We sleep here, so you must clean the house… You do enough for us!”

“And now stop crying and open the present!” Zayn says, giving me the present.

While I open the present, my hands tremble. OMG. I’m so excited, because I have no idea what it could be…

“Aaaahhh.. O.M.G. You’re incredible!” I shout, holding a red guitar in my hands.

This is my biggest wish, and I thought it would never come true. This is incredible. Again I couldn’t hold my tears back … “Do you guys know, what you do to me?”

“There is also a envelope inside the present!” Harry says, smiling.

I find the envelope and open it.

And inside are… 2 plane tickets… to.. O.M.G.


„Aaahh you guys are relly incedible!!“ I say and hug all tightly.

“I can’t believe it…” I’m speechless.

“Dodo! Look at me.” Niall says.

I look into his beautiful blue eyes. Butterflies started to enter my stomach, I could feel my heart racing.

“You’re important for me.. for all of us! So believe it, you deserve these presents!” He says.

Wait! OMG! Did he really say, that I’m important for him?

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