Discovering the Return

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A sigh escaped from the lips of the sun goddess. The sun glowed dimly down upon the land of Nippon. A single being dashed through every one of her focused thoughts. Amaterasu rubbed her temples, as if in an unusual pain. She was no longer in a wolf form, though she prefered. Long silky white hair that grazed the ground was tangled, she curled up in bed. She blinked her glowing golden eyes slowly. Amaterasu groaned sadly, the name slashing at her conscious. Oki. A strong Oina warrior she had fell for the first battle they engaged in. Amaterasu had wandered into his house on pure accident, but inside she was truly glad she made such a wonderful mistake. She remembered his sorrowful scent as she entered into the Ark. When Amaterasu had jumped for her last glimpse of the lovely land dubbed Kamui, her golden eyes fell upon his sagging figure. It was as if she could feel his eyes burning into her eternally pure soul with his sorrow and guilt. She concluded that he still had the death of Shiranui on his mind considering that it was like he had lost Amaterasu because she was the reincarnation of the Celestial wolf. But she thanked him silently for attempting to protect Shiranui. But not even her children could keep her from centering her thoughts upon the Oina warrior. They all carried his trademark traits. Gekigami had his stubbornness. Tachigami wielded his swiftness. Yumigami showed his grace. Kazegami had his pride. Kabegami had his playfulness. Kasugami had his blinded mind. Bakugami had his bravery. Nuregami clearly had Oki's shyness. One thing none of them had was how he shielded his appearance. All Amaterasu could see was his glorious toned body and his amazing black and red mane. The one thing the Goddess yearned for was to catch even a fleeting glimpse of his face. But Oki refused to take his mask off. That was one way he was clearly stubborn. She always adored that single trait of his.

Something sharp jabbed her shoulder. She yelped, sitting up quickly. Amaterasu came face to face with Tachigami. He was a child in a human form, honestly adorable with his stocky white hair. His glowing yellow eyes made you melt in his sweetness. "Mother, you must refrain from remembering that hideous Oina tribe member."He said. Amaterasu seemed highly offended by Tachigami ' s remark."Child, for one you do not own me so you may not tell me what I may or may not remember. Second, Oki is not 'hideous'."She spat. Tachi gave a childish giggle."Not to be rude but Mother Amaterasu, how do you possibly know he is not a vile human being behind that horrid mask of his? Even if you are a main goddess, that stubborn Oina tribe member will automatically refuse to let you see his face, even if for half a millisecond."Tachigami stated. She sighed."I was a wolf the entire time, my love. Even if I jumped up and snatched his mask, he would find away to shield himself from me. I understand not why Oina members don't like for their faces to be shown." Tachigami shrugged and dashed off for a minute, coming back with a brush. He took a strand of her long hair and ran it through, untangling it. He smiled his small smile."I care not for reasons, I merely want my mother to return as the spry, kind, bountiful, gentle woman she truly is."Tachigami said softly, offering her the brush. She kindly took it with a smile that surely made the sun shine brighter upon the mortal plain. She brushed through, making her hair it's natural long and silky white self. Okami Amaterasu laid a soft hand upon his bloodflushed cheek, kissing his forehead. He hugged her legs and ran off. She looked for clean clothes, slipping on a normal white with crimson markings dress. Seemed somewhat like a hobby to wear garments that matched her very own fur. As Amaterasu attempted to stop thinking, he started thinking with a short clearance of his desperation.

"Oki, you know furball isn't coming back. She's needed on the Celestial Plain. "Issun said from his broad shoulder. The Oina warrior snorted lightly, looking across the sky. The sun slowly set, giving off its trademark vibrant red. Oki reached out slowly, as if to lay a finger upon the blood - stained horizon. The light from the sun flashed a little more brighter than earlier where it seemed to have been so dim that she could no longer make it a true morning more of a night. As she yearned to see him once more, he yearned himself for her return to Nippon. And that very day, the lovely wolf goddess would be thank he first he would lay eyes on all day. Oki wanted to cherish each loving moment with Amaterasu. He spent his only one not knowing it would be his last one. Oki let out a strong sigh, remembering how he let Shiranui die in his very arms. It only hurt him so because losing the life of Shiranui was like allowing his only love Amaterasu die. He didn't understand the feeling towards her but he knew that she was the only one to make his smile regardless of how she never exactly spoke. The look on her face wasn't enough to explain, you had to look deep within her mesmering yellow eyes. Oki could only read her like an open book in his wolf form, he refused to let anyone catch a glance at him without his mask on. Someone tackled him down."Oki! Oki! I had a vision! That pretty wolfie is coming back!"Lika squealed happily.

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