Alex's POV

My alarm clock woke me up again. Monday was going to be awful, I'd have to see Melissa's gorgeous yet nosy ass face. I'm pretty sure she'll want an explanation to what happened Saturday morning and I don't want to give it to her. I promised myself that I would never be vulnerable to anybody the moment I started my new life.

And I intend to keep that promise. You don't have to you know? Shut up, I do. Whatever.

I decided to wear white shorts, a red blouse and white converse. I took my black jacket and helmet, after eating some breakfast, and then I headed to school in my black Ducati sport classic 1000, thank God I didn't have to pick up Emily anymore since her car was back from the shop.

Usually I ride my motorcycle to get my mind off of things, this time though, the only thing in my mind was Melissa and her green eyes. 

I finally arrived to school and parked my bike. I was just taking my helmet off and shaking my head a little so my hair looked more natural when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Good morning." I know that voice and I hate it. I turned around and saw her, gosh I'm so bipolar, I mean I do hate her but she's hot, I have to give that to her. I know. I took my jacket off and greeted her as formal as I can this early in the morning.

"Sup." She shifted showing she felt somewhat uncomfortable with me, I think she was nervous, I have that effect on people. I don't think she's nervous, maybe she's scared of you. You know we are the same person right? No, you are a conceited, selfish bitch. I am a nice girl capable of love and letting people in. I'm sorry Einstein, just shut up.

"I, um..." She looked so cute... hot! She's hot not cute, dammit Alex. Anyways she did look really sexy in those jeans and shirt, her attire was simple but it still made her look smoking hot. "I wanted to talk to you about Saturd-"

"I don't want to talk about it." Didn't she learn her lesson last time? God I hate her so much, she ruined my day now.

"Alex I just want to help," Yeah right. Nobody cared about me. Maybe my grandma but everyone gave up on me eventually. I can feel that thing inside me that's broken and people don't want to waste their time on something so damaged as me. "Please, stay after class." Her eyes had something hidden when she said those words almost begging me to stay and honestly even though I know she didn't really care and she was just a nosy witch, I wanted to stay after class today, but I couldn't let her know that.

"Fine," I said making her smile at me melting my heart... wait I don't have a heart. What is she doing to me?

Ugh! I hate this. I love this. Shut up.

But I quickly added "I'll stay, that doesn't mean you'll make me talk." I know I'm stubborn but that's what she gets for being nosy.

"Good enough for me." She said smiling even wider like saying 'I already knew you were going to say something like that'

Then I went to class, unconsciously wishing this day went really fast until fourth.


We were in third now. And I had told Em this morning what happened Saturday and this morning. She was pretty surprised.

"I think she might genuinely be concerned about you Su." She always made me smile whenever she called me Su and she only used it in serious things. You see when I first met her we were on a local bar and I was hitting on her and since I didn't want to give her my real name I told her my name was Susan, off course then we became friends and till now she calls me Su sometimes. Em is the only girl that has ever rejected me, ever, even when I lived in France people knew who I was and they loved me, more like my looks because when it all went down none of my "friends" showed up to support me.

"I don't know Em, you know I don't trust people that much."

"I do..." She stayed silent for a moment, like thinking something and then she spoke. "You told me that Saturday you played this 'game' where you both asked questions. Why don't you do that today?" Actually that wasn't a bad idea.

"I could do that, but I'll still have to answer her question and it'll probably be about my family and you know that's a touchy subject for me."

"Yeah, I know, but someday you'll have to face who you are Su, you're parents can't deny you that long and the press will start asking questions." And once more, she was right. I wish I was born in another family, a simple, normal, loving family, but no, I had to be a Woodfield Devareaux. Ugh those last names made me want to puke. My full name did.

And hiding this secret was killing me. I needed to share this with someone other than Emily. Someone that might help me in ways Em couldn't. And that someone is Melissa. No she's not. I'm you, idiot. Even I know that's not true, you trust her, somehow. We've only known her for like a week but your heart trusts her, so stop being stupid and let her help you!

Maybe. But I don't know if today was the day.


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