Chapter 18: Just My Luck

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It was the morning before Snoggletog, also known as Snoggletog eve. A new blanket of snow covered the ground, accumulating to a staggering 3 feet deep. Clear blue skies watched of the bustling island, insisting no storms to come, however, the temperature had plummeted yet again. It was freezing. Astrid, who was just now getting up, had to pull on her long sleeved red sweater instead of her normal t-shirt. And once she was starting out the door, she had to chisel her way out of the frozen doorway. Just to make do, last night when she had free time, she tore the spikes off of one of her skirts and plastered them to her old boots, knowing that more snow would come and threaten her balance yet again.

Hiccup, who had just filed his finger a couple of hours ago when he got up before dawn to work on the ring, was already working on his list. He was worried, about proposing that is. The jobs he was given, like making saddles and helping people out of their snowed in houses, kept his mind busy for the time being. The same questions poked and prodded at his mind over and over again. What if she say's no? What if she's not ready? How will he do it? What did his father do? Is it the right time? His father did only pass just over two weeks ago, will everyone think he's rushing in because of it?

'No' Hiccup thought 'I am ready...i've been ready and Astrid did say that she wanted to marry me...she just didn't say when...'

"Hey babe." Astrid said, marching up behind him while he was reading his list in the middle of the town square. "Anything your lady could help with?" She asked.

"Oh, hey Astrid." He said, breaking from his trance. "I don't think there is anything..."

"Oh come' on babe, there has to be something, I want to help you." She said, placing her hands on her hips.

Hiccup pursed his lips, thinking. "Well..." He began.

"Yes!" Astrid cheered, her face lighting up.

Hiccup chuckled. "You could help me break away some of these icicles that are being pesky. I kinda had an accident this morning..." He said, showing his finger to her. "and it has been a little bothersome."

"Oh gods." Astrid said, inspecting the finger. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," The chief said and began to scratch at the back of his neck with his other hand. "Gothi took care of it for me."

"Good." Astrid stated and kiss his cheek. "Then lets get started."

They both headed down to the forge to pick up the pickaxes. After collecting their gear they got to work. It didn't take too long with it being the two of them, but after Astrid followed Hiccup around, helping him when she could. By midday, almost everything had been finished.

"Are you hungry, babe?" Astrid asked when she heard his stomach growl.

He chuckled. "Maybe a little...but i've got some things I need to finish at the forge, so can I catch up with you a little bit later?"

Astrid smiled and kissed his cheek. "Of course babe."

She took a quick grasp at his hand, dragging it upwards as she left before letting go and walking off. Hiccup sighed, watching his Valkyrie walk away. The way she moved enticed him greatly. The subtle swing of her arms, the swaying of her hips...all things that moved him. He, in turn, walked away as well, heading to the forge for a quick lunch and finally finishing up the ring.

Once he arrived, he went straight back and hid in his office. He pulled out the diamond, the ring, and two smaller gems. One was a very light blue color, and the other was a deep violet. He picked them out as their birthstones, a stone of good luck that each month has. Like anyone born January, theirs would be a garnet, like his father.

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