Chapter 1: Devil In You

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Three Months After The War:

I hiss as an arrow whizzes past my head. Drawing one of my own, I point it in the direction the arrow came from. Letting mine fly, a cry of pain is released from the bushes. 

"Got you," I whisper under my breath. 

Slinging my bow over my shoulder I stride over to the bushes. My knight, Larkin, rolls out of them. He rises to his feet, making him a full head taller than me. 

I place my hands on my hips and raise an eyebrow. "I thought you were supposed to be able to dodge any arrow."

He clears his throat. "I had to let you hit me, or we would've stayed in this forest forever, Your Majesty."

I sigh and shake my head. Looking out at the sun setting over the trees, a shadow moving through the air catches my eye. A falcon. 

I stick my arm out for it to land. When it does I stroke its head lightly before pulling out the small scroll from its mouth. 

Come back quickly love, your mother is throwing another fit. We can't calm her down. 


Releasing a sigh of frustration, I send off the falcon and motion for Larkin to leave with me. Mounting my horse, I follow the knight out of the trees and into the ruins of what once was the beautiful Kingdom of Arania. 


My mother's screams echo outside the castle walls. Inhaling a sharp breath, I push the doors open and drop my bow and arrows at the door, startling the maids. Lifting my peach coloured dress, I ascend the stairs to my step mother's chambers. Darien stops me outside the door, his baby blues filled with concern. 

"Ariana she's getting worse with her tantrums, I don't know how much longer we can detain her like this."

I nod my understanding. "Let me see her."

He sighs and opens the door for me.

"HOW DARE YOU LOCK ME IN HERE YOU HORRID PIECE OF RAT'S TAIL!" She screams the moment she lays her wild eyes on me.

I feel Darien placing his hands on my ears  before he addresses my mother. 

"That is now way to talk to yer Queen, not to mention yer daughter!"

I gently push his hands off and walk up to my mother's bedside. Her restraints are the only thing stopping her from fully attacking me. I fold my arms as my gaze shifts to the doctor.

"What exactly is wrong with her?" I ask.

The doctor shakes his head and motions for me to follow him outside. I oblige and he closes the door behind us. 

"Your Majesty," he begins, "your mother has a disease that has unfortunately been seen in many people over the past year, the numbers of cases are only climbing."

He continues when I don't respond. 

"Some believe it is demons possessing the people, others say it is a sickness of the mind, a few like myself believe it is a type of poison."

I shake my head. "We checked everything for poison, it can't be that."

He nods thoughtfully. "One thing is for sure, she has this disease."

He removes his spectacles and looks my in the eyes. 

"Your mother has come down with the Devil's Curse."

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