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Tony looked at his Phone again this kid he was talking to was hell of a fun. He hadn't smiled at his phone like that in years. He thought that was Stephen's number but turns out he gave him a wrong one. He knew this kids name was Peter but he wanted to know more about him. So the next day he decided to search about him.

" FRIDAY! Hack this number and give me the users information!"-Tony said and his A.I was on it.-"Let's see if he's real."

Little did he know that Peter was smart enough to take care of his personal information.He actually did it so FBI or SHIELD wouldn't find out about his secret identity. But it came in handy in such situations too.

FRIDAY looked at the number, checked it, even tried to locate him.-"Boss I am sorry but this number is un-hackable or locatable...and there is a message to anyone who tries to do so..."

"How is that even positive! Read the message."-Tony said flustered.

"Hello LOSER good luck on trying to track or hack me! "-FRIDAY answered.

This kid was smart!-Tony thought. Than he took his phone to start messaging him again.



Hello kid!


Hello Smart-ie!


Peter was now actually in his patrol standing on top of a tall building's rooftop and eating a sandwich that someone gave him as a thank for his help. Breaking was his favorite time in patrolling.



So turns out you
are a smart kid!

You protected your
informations well...

Who helped you?For
who do you work?


I work for my self
And for the poor citizens thanks.

I made the protection
code with my knowledge.

I don't need others for that




You must have good grades
at school.


Yes straight A-s

Also I did the same with your

Turns out I can't hack into
your protocols either.
Watcha hiding •_•


Straight A-s?Impossible...

Well I am very important
person !

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