Party Fun ;)

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So this is my first story, hope you like it :)
WARNING: Mature Content!

So this so called 'amazing' party that Angie suggested was not so 'amazing' at all. Me here, Eliza, loning on my own just standing there, like a loner.

Suddenly, in the corner of my eye, I caught the sight of someone. A boy, a hot boy. I looked over at him again, subtly though, but he definitely noticed me noticing him.

Oh shoot! Im completely screwed!

With that, I started walking towards the door to leave, but this hot boy followed me. I was about to open the door with the handle (like a normal person would) and suddenly somebody grabbed my hand. It was hot boy(when I don't know people's names, I will give them 'code names').

He took me upstairs the huge house. We went down a corridoor, left, right, up another stairway, until we reached a little attic room. Now I must admit, it was pretty done up for sexy couples to get down and dirty, but the thing was, it had never been used. And it was obvious from everything around us.

Still holding my hand, hot boy pushed me against the wall and started to press himself against me.

"So I noticed you checking me out, and I couldn't help but think, how sexy you are" he spoke in a deep tone, a voice that could just make you melt. But I wanted to play hard to get.

I must admit, I did look like a slut, with a mini skirt on that only just covered my ass, and a crop top, but I didnt necessarily stand out from the crowd.

"So you like me, do ya?" I whispered in his ear.

"Oh baby, your just so sexy" he said again, his eyes full of lust.

Without further ado, he pressed his soft, tender lips against mine, and me being me, I kissed him back.

Our kiss became more passionate and sooner or later, his tongue snuck into my mouth. I played with it, with mine. We fought with our tongues. Until, I felt a hand going up my top.

I hesitated, and pulled back.

"Whats wrong baby?" He asked, with his deep, sexy voice.

"Its just... im" I stuttered.

He came back up to me, stroked my arm, and whispered in my ear "its okay babe, I'll go slow" with a smirk on his face.

He suddenly became irrisistable to me, but before we 'did anything' I wanted to know his name.

So I lay on the bed, opened my legs for his view, and said "what was your name again?" With the smirk on my face now.

"Danny, but call me Dan or whatever" he said, mouth gaping.

I stood up, and pushed him onto the bed, I wanted to give him the full experience, so I wanted to do a bit of a strip show for him.

Slowly, I removed my top, followed by my skirt, my boots and socks, and then unhooked my bra, facing away from him, just to tease him. I threw my bra on the floor, the got onto his lap. I started grinding on him, real hard, and his erection was magnificent! I had never known something to be so hard. It was harder than a rock I swear. And there seemed to be alot of it! He placed his arms around me, and cupped my boobs, massaging them. I liked him playing with my boobs, it felt good. I kept grinding on him, as he let out moans of great pleasure. Oh the moans were so good. He moaned in my ear, and it was so sexy. Ohhhh goodness.

I got off him and opened my legs for him, in my pink lacy underwear. I was already soaking wet and he could see it. His eyes lit up as he reached out and started rubbing my area. Ooooh, it was so good.

"Ooh... ooh baby, that's so good Dan" I moaned.

He suddenly pulled them down, with my bare pussy, facing him. Without hesitation, he began to rub my clit. Oh my, it felt so good. My juices were just spilling out of me and it felt so good. He pulled me towards him, and I wrapped my legs around his neck. He slowly moved his tongue from my inner thigh, all the way up to my area, where he licked around for a bit, to tease me, but I just wanted him in me.

He slotted his tongue inside me and oh my! It was incredible! He was so good. He played around inside me, and then moved up to my clit once again. He played with my clit, sucking on it, then licking it, then sucking and etcetc. My pussy was flooding out with juices, and Dan just seemed to be lapping it all up.

"Ooh..." I was screaming with delight. Just as I was about to cum, he pulled his tongue out of me. I was so gutted.

I became quite angry, causing me to rip his jeans of, as well as his shirt, and oh my sweet mother shite, he was ripped! Like, this was impossible, a guy like him could never like me! But I took the chance I got.

I pulled his boxers down and out came his about 10 inch dick. It was HUGE! I started my slowly rubbing my hand up and down, gradually becoming faster, and then placed his member in my mouth. I had never blowjobbed someone before but like I say for everything, YOLO.

I started thrusting him in and out of my mouth, and somehow managed to fit his WHOLE dick into my mouth. I was deep throating him, and just before he came, I pulled his member out of my mouth. Just like he disappointed me.

Without speaking, he grabbed me by the ass, and put me at the top of the bed. He opened my legs, and edged closer towards me. He slowly placed his member inside me, centimetre by centimetre. He was teasing me, and I couldnt take it. Then suddenly, he thrusted, hard. And then back out, then in harder, and out again.

It was actually happening, we were doing it! I couldn't believe it, but I was too loved up with lust to care.

Each thrust was harder and harder, until finally, after a LOT of moaning and grunting from Dan, and screaming from me, he came. His cum filled up inside me and it was an amazing feeling.

I suddenly became incredibly tired, until I fell asleep on the bed.

Do you like it? I took ages typing this, lets hope it doesnt delete itself like the other one did. Anyway! Comment stuff, vote. If you didnt like it, please dont critisize because its not nice as an author to receive hate, just suggestions for the next chapter would be great :)
Thanks for reading, til next time dirty lil' friends ;)

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