Chp 30:

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The rest of the previous night went by fast and somehow we were on our to way to work the next morning. I kiss her gently and we part as I leave.

I didn't bother to ask her about the Silas guy. I wanted her to tell me when she was ready, but there was a huge part of me that needed to know who he was now.

So much had gone on these last couple of days. Such a ridiculous amount of stuff shouldn't all happen in the time span of less than seventy eight hours-yet it had.

I get stuck in a mess of traffic which I was used to, but it wasn't something that I was keen on. I tap my fingers repeatedly on the steering wheel, and finally after what seems like hours-I reach the office.

Entering my floor, I get greeted by Scarlett who hands me a folder of information. "Sir, I have a few questions." I face her, "My first question is, have you decided on wether you'll be hiring Mr. Moore?" I remember back to a few days ago when I had interviewed the kid.

He seemed like he'd be a good asset to our company. "I have, yes." She smiles and writes this down. "Excellent. My next question is, will you be making the transaction for the Newman Brother's company today or tomorrow?", "Today, I want to close the deal with them as soon as possible." I say as I walk towards my office, she follows behind.

She writes this down too "Anything else?" I ask opening up my office door, she scans the paper and shakes her head. "No, sir." I nod and we part ways.

As I sit in my office chair, I pull out my phone and call Kirsten. "Hello?", "It's me. Look, I need your help with Tess' birthday present.", "You're her boyfriend...aren't you supposed to know what she likes." I'm shocked by her attitude.

"Kirsten?" , I hear her sigh "I'm sorry. It's been a long day. Fine, I'll help you but..." Her voice trails off. "What?" , "I don't know exactly what she likes." I find myself scuff. "You're her sister, how do you not know what she likes?" I put emphasis on the word you're. "Oh stop, her and I don't have as much in common as you might think."

"Interesting." There's silence. "Fine. I'll help you. On one condition." , "And what would that be?" , "You agree to hire a friend of mine to work for your company." And yet again, I'm shocked.

"Kirsten, I don't just go around hiring the next person that walks through my companies doors. There's a lot that goes into it." , "You hired my sister." I roll my eyes. "I never hired your sister. She was promoted a month before I even took on my current position." , "Would you have promoted her?" What was this? Quiz your sister's boyfriend?

"No." , "Why?" , "She's my girlfriend-just about everybody who works for me, knows of that. It would look like I was picking favorites." Silence again. "Could you at least consider it." I rub my temple. "Who is your friend?" , "Her name is Rachel Kelly." I write her name down. "I'll consider it."

"Thank you, she's been interested in your company for a while." My brow creases. "Why has she, herself not reached out to someone here to schedule an interview?", "I' sure." I hear a dinging sound come from my laptop. "Kirsten, I need to go. I'll see you later." We hang up. That was an extremely odd conversation.

I respond to a few emails before taking a break to grab some coffee. As I stand in line at the Brew Stone cafe, I recognize a familiar voice. A blonde haired young woman turns around in front of me, "Oh-Mr...Mr. Piercy." She stutters as she looks at me and then at a brunette girl, most likely the same age-standing next to her.

"Miss. Conroy.", "Oh, please you can just call me Olivia." She brushes a strand of hair back behind her ear. I eye her and then her friend who was looking at her cup of coffee awkwardly.

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