Minho is finally out of the Slammer!

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Hey it's Minho. So I was finally let out of the shuck slammer. That stupid Alby guy put me in there for no reason. I might have talked back and was sassy some more, so I was thrown in the slammer for a while longer. What a dumb shank.
*Alby Yelling In The Background*
Ignore him. Anyways, since you can be sassy and not have a shuck face Alby guy around to throw you in the slammer, I encourage you to be as sassy as you want and sass all your friends using my amazingly fabulous sass.
If you haven't checked out THE MAZE RUNNER: FILES on iBooks it's only $1.99 and it's got some good klunk in there. At the very end, there's a whole chapter about me being SASSY! I'm not kidding. So enjoy my fabulous sass.

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